Farewell, GameCube, The Wii U Doesn't Play You

Speaking to Kotaku earlier today, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that while the Wii U will still be compatible with Wii software, its predecessor's backward compatibility with the GameCube will not be making an appearance.


    Noooo! Lucky I still have my Gamecube hooked up along with my Wii too!

    Strange decision considering the Gamecube is almost the same architecture as a Wii.

    Of course it doesn't play GameCube games. They're looking forward to tugging on the teats of the "HD remaster" cash cow.

      I'd be all over that!

      Don't forget to take advantage of the new eshop gamecube virtual console where you can buy your gamecube games all over again!

    I'd buy a HD Wind Waker and Mario Sunshine.

    My initial reaction is disappointment, but I'm quite sure I haven't touched any of my GameCube games in a real long time.

    Though I have still been meaning to finish Eternal Darkness that third damn time...

    Well, there go four of my favorite games of all time. Along with more than half of my top 50 games of all time...

    I think I'll buy a new Gamecube.

    This is the news I was waiting for.

    It sounds like exactly the same approach the Wii took.

    Complete reverse compatibility for one generation.

    Makes me wonder how compatibile the other next gen consoles will be, considering the 360 had extremely limited reverse compatibility and the PS3's depended on what version you ended up with.

      Tell me how you suppose the GCN could have possibly played N64 games.

      It's just a clever tactic for Nintendo to put their greatest hits on the VC so suckers like me can shell out for the 2nd or 3rd time.

      I'm beginning to lose track of how many versions of Ocarina I have: N64... WW collector's edition... GCN Zelda collector's edition... VC... 3DS.

    Dear Nintendo,

    Please release a revamped wavebird which doesn't require an external receiver. The classic controller pro is ok, but it's sub-par for playing super smash brothers, and I hate having to plug it into the wiimote. Your cooperation in this matter will result in my eternal gratitude and a cash amount exceeding no more than $100. I will also provide a potato sculpted into the shape of Reggie Fils-Aime's head. No tricks, just potato.

    Regards and best wishes,

    It saves them from having to fit 4 controller ports and GCN memory card slots on the thing.

    I hope this means hd remakes or added to the store to download straight to the Wii U

    Then how am I going to play super smash bros. brawl?:P

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