Feed Me Oil Feeds Me Fun

In Feed Me Oil, an oil pipe has burst, destroying the planet's flora. Players must redirect the oil into terrain and structures that look like creatures.

Using platforms, spinning sprockets, magnets and fans, players create a Rube Goldberg circuit to redirect the flow of oil.

And feed them oil.

The art style is colourful and cute. The game has shades of World of Goo. There is an emphasis on impressive physics and puzzles as well as style, music, and the game's art.

One neat element is that the game has a question mark that can provide players hints if they get stuck. By taking the hint button, the game will show you where to put your platform or fan or whatever.

One sucky element is that to unlock all the hints, you'll need to pay $1.19 - the same price of the whole game!

That does encourage players to use their noodles (and not wallets) to clear all available levels, but I guess it's good to know there is a last resort option for those who need it.

The gameplay is interesting, and the puzzles are challenging. Future updates are planned, and Feed Me Oil is definitely worth checking out.

Feed Me Oil [iTunes]


    I've been massively addicted to this game since it was released. I've three starred every stage in the first level, all but one in the second, and the third is just kicking my arse.

    I much prefer this type of game to the random destruction of Angry Birds!


    how can i get it on pc?

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