Feel Like Watching 10 Minutes Of Ocarina Of Time 3D?

Yep, I've just spent ten minutes watch someone else play a video game on youtube. A video that was in German, of a game I have already completed multiple times. What the hell is wrong with me?

The video, of course, features Ocarina of Time 3D, currently one of the few reasons to consider picking up a 3DS at this point. It's completely impossible to get any idea of what the final product will look like - given that 3D is one of the major selling points of the package - but if you feel like curling into a fetal ball and rocking yourself into a stupor of nostalgia, this video may just do the trick.

Via Neogaf


    Nostalgia overload.

    God I loved that game so much when I was a kid, it seems like I must of played it for thousands of hours, it's just so ingrained in my memory.. Such a good game.. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about it

    I remember when I finally beat Gannondorf(sp?) it was such an achievement for me.. I was really young at the time, I can't remember how young.. I think I got my mum or my dad to sit there and help me/give me support when I was doing it haha..

    Ah childhood..

    Hallo Link, wach auf! Der Deku-Baum hat dich zu sich gerufen!

      I wonder if you actually know German, or if you just used Google translate to appear clever =P

    I wish the game came with the option to play it with the original graphics as alot of the pre-rendered backgrounds in the old one are superior to the new ones =S

      Believe me, they're not.

      I had a a go at this during the Myer event and the Kokiri Forest looks like a million bucks in 3D.

      Completely agree with Steve. Played the demo for a while at a kiosk set up. The graphics are lighter making a cheerier atmosphere, which might be disappointing for some who liked their dungeons dark and more foreboding. But its worth it for the graphical upgrade. It looked beautiful.

    Eh, sorry Nintendo you've already flogged my childhood to me too many times.

    Original playthrough x 2, GC playthrough, GC Master Quest playthrough.


    They updated a few tiled textures in photoshop and shanged a few animations. Hardly worth the $70.

    Ocarina is a great game, but it's 13 years old. Time to stop the re-releases.

    What are the chances someone could make a side by side video of the N64 version and this new3ds version? I consider myself lucky to have skipped this on the n64. I thought even at that time, the games gfx on the n64 were terrible and that this Zelda game was too ambitious for the system. How it looks now is how it should have looked on the n64, but if iirc, the n64 had a texture map size limit of 64x64 pixels which is the cause of the horrible blurry renderings and textures. Now though, I'm in the same frame of mind because I think they could have taken the gfx a lot further, but for either reasons of workload or nostalgia, they have kept them pretty simple and faithful. The opening story looks so much better, I remember how bad the pre rendered room link wakes up in was, it was just such a let down for me, it wasnt the step that nes to snes was. It tried to be more mature and less cutesy, but the machine couldn't do it with such low poly counts and texture sizes. The point of all my stoned ramblings is, I never played it any further then the first forest outside the village, so this is like a new, never before played Zelda for me. Hmm perhaps I needs a beer. 3ds update in 20 minutes!! Whoop whoop!!

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