Final Fantasy XIII-2's New Trailer Brings The Long Swords To E3

There's been precious few Japanese games on show at this year's E3 thus far. Let's remedy that, then, with a longer, more productive trailer for upcoming RPG Final Fantasy XIII-2 than we saw the other day.


    Looks like more of the same to me.

      Yeah, more of the same great fun game - aren't we lucky?

        You have an interesting definition of 'fun' and apparently that includes mashing X and running down corridors.

        No, more of the same linearity and utterly forgettable characters and story.

        XIII was terrible.

    while the gameplay was fun whoever wrote the story can go suck a dick.

      I also enjoyed the story in FFXIII, but I probably won't take it as far as you and let them suck my 'you-know'what'. great way to shwo your appreciation though (oh wait, shouldn't you be sucking his then?).

    doesn't look like any changes :(

    damn shame

    I think it looks great. But then again, I enjoyed FFXIII - not the greatest in the series by far, but a lot of fun. Ended up with about 150 hours on the clock, I believe.

    I'll be getting this for sure - sadly though, it'll get put in the same basket as it's predecessor, and everyone will hate it no matter what it does. I'm all for XIII-2 - but I think it's doomed to failure.

    Squenix should instead concentrate on Versus XIII, Agito XIII (or whatever they're calling it now) and getting FFXIV out on PS3 (come on guys, it's been close to a year since it hit PC)

      +1, and equally sad for its inevitable flaming.

      I bet it still sells bucket loads, proving that XIII had plenty of fans and that reviews don't mean much if the players at home are enjoying themselves.

      "ended up with about 150 hours"

      Are you a masochist?

        No, just willing to give the game a good go before jumping on the bandwagon like 70% of the people I've spoken to that hated the game did.

    if they dont improve it then whats the point of this sequel? the story sucked, the lack of exploration sucked and worst of all, the gameplay sucked... the cinematics and music was a true gem but if i wanted that i'd go to a cinema...

      no u couldnt get that in a cinema cus its a freaken final fantasy GAME, so stop bitching u had no choice in the matter, and u sure as hell wont get 13-2 in a cinema

    I'm buying it anyway... But Nolan? WHERE'S SNOW?!

    Wheres FFXIII Versus?

      QFT. This looks nearly identical to FFXIII except I noticed they've thrown quick-time-events into the mix...

      I didn't mind XIII as much as most people but really, Versus is the franchise's last chance to impress.

    So this Nolen guy has pretty much the male equivalent of Fang's design - same wrist ties, colouring, everything. I've had to pause the trailer multiple times to double check.

    And that chick who 'died running from the Purge' - they all died while still on Cocoon, didn't they, the actual Purge wasn't for real.

    So... alternate universe, where they're all still on Cocoon?

    Very pretty, and same battle system with maybe a few tweaks and rebalances - I'm sold. ;) The story only has to be the same trite JRPG stuff and I'll be happy enough. If the story is genuinely good, well that's a bonus!

    Why make a sequel to the most reviled game in the franchise?

    I hope the voice actors have gotten a bit better. At least leave whiney Hope out of it.

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