Finally, Some Gameplay Footage Of The Free-To-Play Tribes Ascend

The next Tribes game, Hi-Rez Studios' Tribes Ascend, will be free. It's the loadouts in this online PC shooter that will cost you.

The developer of Tribes Ascend (and free to play online shooter Global Agenda) tells IGN that the game will take a different approach to free to play than games like Team Fortress 2 and the forthcoming Firefall. Tribes Ascend looks to League of Legends for its micro-transaction model, offering players new weapon and armour sets on a regular basis - similar in style to the fortnightly released champions that players can buy in League of Legends.

While the makers of Tribes Ascend have announced the game for PC and Xbox 360, making Hi-Rez's game one of the potential candidates for free to play Xbox Live games that we've been hearing lots of chatter about recently.

Tribes: Ascend — Taking the League of Legends Approach [IGN]


    I would have preferred to just pay for the title up-front. I really dislike micro-transactions and ongoing costs to play.

    I really do miss tribes though.

      Agree on paying upfront generally, but I think it will work with this game - multiplayer games live or die on the amount of people playing them, and the free to play aspect will at least get lots of people to try it. If it's a good game this will give it the start it needs.

      This trailer looks like it has what I want from tribes... excitement building!

    This looks awesome. Is there any word on release date yet?

    Oh boy - it's looking good thus far!

    Hopefully this one doesn't fall under the hype machine and lives up to its promise - very big shoes to fill.


    Don't get too excited... screw it.. WOOWOO!!!

    A fan since I played the original back about 8 years ago. Can't wait!!

    Free to play with microtransactions? Say goodbye to the tribes we all knew...

    Also I find it funny how the game simultaneously looks better than the last game (vengeance) while also looking as depressingly dated.

    it looks good, but the graphical style looks very halo to me, mill be playing it:)

      It probably looks like Halo because it has blue sky and green grass instead of the grey sky over brown everything common to most shooters these days.

    DERP. That's all there really is to say on the matter. Pay 200%+ of what a regular game costs for access to all content? Actually owning everything in LoL style games is more expensive than ANY other game; WoW addicts have spent less on that.

    My interest for this game - as a massive fan of Tribes - has just been diminished significantly.

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