First Mad Catz-Published Flight Sim Is What You'd Expect

They said they were getting into the flight sim business, and here we are. Controller and random accessory creator Mad Catz proudly presents War Wings: Hell Catz, the first in a series of flight combat titles exploring important points in the history of aviation.

While Mad Catz's own ThunderHawk Studios gets ready to start pumping out massively-multiplayer flight sims, the peripheral company taps Australian developer Trickstar Games for their big E3 debut as a game maker. I bet the expensive flight stick released alongside this baby is going to be epic!

"The War Wings series of games, alongside the ThunderHawk Studios MMO game development initiative, should further leverage the market share leadership and global distribution enjoyed by our flight simulation hardware products," said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. "The launch of War Wings: Hell Catz will mark an important milestone as we pursue our longer term goal of expanding our participation in developing, publishing and distributing games."

I'll poke fun, but I'm a sucker for a quality air combat game. Perhaps we'll see if that label applies to Hell Catz next week during E3 2011. I wish Mad Catz good luck, and hope to hell they don't make the swapping the S for a Z thing a regular feature of their future titles.


    Sounds good. Now make me a space battle one.

      Can someone please redo Elite for the iPad...

        You should have a look at Galaxy on Fire 2, while not Elite for iPad it is an iPad game trying to be Elite, and not doing too terrible a job at it I might add.

      Is it too much to ask for a TIE Fighter remake?

        George Lucas says yes.

        That looks shite, first screenshot, crystal clear reflection of what appears to be rough water.... hmmm.

    I'm down!

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