First Two Uncharted Games Are Coming Back. Together.

First rumoured earlier in the month, Sony has now confirmed that a bundle deal featuring the first two Uncharted games will go on sale next month.

Speaking with CVG, Sony say that alongside the two blockbuster games the pack will also include a dynamic Uncharted theme and an Uncharted avatar for your PS3.

It'll be out in Europe on July 22. No word on an American release.

Uncharted Collection confirmed, has Drake's Deception goodies [CVG]


    Any word on it coming down to OZ?

      Im pretty sure Australia is classed as Europe with games.

      We're usually counted as part of Europe, so we'll probably get it when they get it.

    Also any word of reduced price?

      We've got it slated at $68 so it seems so.
      Also have resistance 1 & 2 as a platinum pack too in our system. (Eb games)

    Good deal, but not sure who it's for. Just about everyone who owns a PS3 has these games.

    could be for me, since i don't currently have a ps3. a decent hardware price drop will see me pick one up and a tonne of games that i've had my eye on for a while now.

      A must buy if you are new to the PS3 world, great games!

    Already have Uncharted 2 (came with the PS3 bundle I bought a while back), hoping to get the first one and play through that before November's release. :D

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