First UFC Undisputed 3 Trailer Released

First UFC Undisputed 3 Trailer Released

THQ’s UFC Undisputed series is a rare beast – it’s the kind of game that manages to attract fans to MMA, as opposed to simply catering to existing fans of the sport. The reason for that is simple – it’s a well made, well executed fighting game. From this newly released trailer, it looks like the third game, UFC Undisputed 3, is following in the grand footsteps of its predecessors.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is ‘Pride’. Pride is a once legendary, now defunct fighting organisation which used to play host to some of MMAs biggest stars, such as Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, and Fedor. UFC Undisputed 3 not only allows players to fight with the Pride ruleset (which allows soccer kicks and stomps –


  • Loved 2009, skipped 2010. I’m glad they decided to drop the yearly cycle. The last thing I would want to happen to this series is for the games to just become roster updates like the WWE games.

    But they need to improve the career mode or I wont be buying it again. I don’t want to spend 75% of my time in career going through menus.

    This is how I would do it if I were in charge.

    You create your fighter then have about 3 or 4 fights in some no name organization (This can act as the tutorial. You apply for the next series of TUF and get on. After doing however many fights on TUF you get offered a contract with UFC. If you don’t win TUF you start off on the preliminary card of the Fight Nights or the TUF Shows and gradually work your way up the preliminary ladder, then the main card ladder on smaller shows like UFC Versus and start doing prelim shows on Main event cards, then you may headline a Fight Night and start working your way onto the main card of a PPV. Obviously if you actually win TUF then your career will get a boost and you’ll probably start as the prelim/main card level.

    They also need to fix the mechanics of how you advance in your career to be more true to the real life UFC. If I end my fights by quick knockout, I should get offered a title shot quicker (some UFC fighters have been thrown into Main event status after a single win). If I decide to grind out a unanimous decision win, then it should take me more fights to earn that shot.

  • The PRIDE mode alone makes me a first-day buyer. Flying stomps as Mauricio Rua and the possibility of leg kick TKOs? Yes please.

  • Hopefully they’ll do away with the button mashing required to sink submissions. Its one aspect where EA MMA was superior.

    With all the various methods of control made available to us these days, even considering button mashing as a logical design choice is just pure laziness.

  • 09 was tons of fun but you could tell they rushed 2010 out. Im glad there taken the time with this one but i hope they dont half ass the pride ring mechanics like in ea mma.

  • Just to confirm…

    This is still a game about two sweaty half naked dudes rubbing their junk against one another?

  • To JAMES MAC – That along with the best fighters in the world whom anyone would wipe the floor with you dumbass. The best fighting game ever no doubt

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