Five Years Later, Mum In Warcraft Neglect Death Goes To Prison

Five Years Later, Mum In Warcraft Neglect Death Goes To Prison

It took five years, but a woman who played World of Warcraft day after day as her three-year-old daughter wasted away, dying of malnutrition and dehydration, is headed to prison. Rebecca Colleen Christie of Las Cruces, New Mexico was sentenced to 25 years in prison yesterday.

Christie’s case was at the vanguard of the horrifying news trend of children dying or being hurt while their staggeringly inattentive parents nurse gaming addictions, particularly in social media or MMO gaming. Christie was convicted in November 2009 on second-degree murder and child abandonment charges. It wasn’t clear why it took nearly two years to sentence her.

The case against Christie showed that the day the girl died, Christie had been playing Warcraft and chatting with friends she’d made online for 15 hours. Prosecutors said there appeared to be so little food that the girl ate cat food.

Her father, an Air Force sergeant, had been away for nine days when the girl died and expressed reservations about his wife’s inability to care for the girl. When a three-year-old is eating cat food while mum plays video games, she probably needs a little more from her father than the expression of reservations. He has pleaded guilty to child neglect and will be sentenced in two weeks.

Mother Sentenced to 25 Years for Murder [Las Cruces Sun-News – Thanks Bryan C!]

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  • bit strange not to include the last 2 paragraphs from the original story (mother overcome with remorse/regret and deeply sorry), obviously a deeply troubled woman.

    • I don’t care if she is remorseful. If she had taken the kid to hospital before she died and was remorseful I would care but its too little too late.
      She ignored a child crying in hunger for a game.

      • She obviously had deep mental issues dude, you can’t look at it from a morale standpoint the same as if you or me did something like this.

      • higher…moral… reasoning…. cant…teach….

        I won’t post again on this topic but I’ll just try to reiterate what I was driving at, that this was another person who had problems BEFORE they started playing WoW and WoW just emphasised them. There is no warning on the box of a mmo that “this reality is easier and better than yours”. I’ll give you an example, I have a friend who pulled out of high school very early on and was a very troubled guy, but later went to University and did extremely well. I didn’t introduce him to WoW because I didn’t think he’d be able to play responsibly, but another friend in our circle did. Long story short the troubled friend wound up in hospital on a drip after a nonstop WoW binge.

        Now I’m not saying I went into psychology because I was tired of seeing lives destroyed by a game that carries no warning of just how seductive it can be to people who have a pre existing condition (I once kicked a guy out of an arathi basin team because he was complaining to me of chest pains and said he hadn’t slept in 2 days). I’m also not saying that my doctorate is an attempt to get a warning label on MMOs, what I am saying is that it was (imo) irresponsible of the author to leave out a basic summary of the woman’s point of view, because somebody like you would come along and say, herp derp this evil woman is evil now shes going to jail justice is done derp.

        ah who am I kidding this comment will be deleted anyway.

        • I couldn’t give a rats ass what problems this stupid woman has, nor do I feel any sympathy for her. You pacifists are all the same, cry out in defense of the perpetrator while pointing the finger at those condemning their actions, with straw man absurdities.

          Go give Martin Bryant a big hug for all the Tasmanian Citizens, I’m sure they’d appreciate it, because he’s a troubled little soul that needs love and understanding. And after you’ve done that, politely douse yourself in petrol and run toward a naked flame, preferably one being lit by another dim witted pacifist scumbag.

      • This is truly unbelievable… How the hell does something like this happen!?! This is the fault of the bleeding heart, weak and naive section of our society… There are some people that will never be right… As bad as it sounds we need to pitch the infirm and unaware off the cliff…

    • I think that the mother’s feeling have little to do with this story. She killed her daughter through pure neglect, and she is being punished for it. Her feeling don’t matter at all.

      Sure, as you say, she may be different from other people, but that difference means that she is the type of person that starves her daughter to death.

      Why should we feel any differently because average people would not do something so cruel?

    • I believe in legal terms that “Life in Prison” = your entire life behind bars, and a “Life Sentence” = 23 – 25 years in prison.

  • Reading the article and with what Ray said…

    This is why the human race is failing so miserably. Forget “care” and “rehabilitation” for people born with these mental issues. We should cull them. We’re the only species on the planet who doesn’t cull.

    A species is only as strong as it’s weakest members. Raise the bar and be stronger for it. Imagine the lengths medicinal science could go to if funding and time wasn’t spent focussing on pre-existing conditions.

    It’s terribly sad that the child died and under such avoidable circumstances but a person like that mother should not have been allowed to bring a child into this world in the first place.

    • Yeah but unfortunately like god, humans destroyed natural selection when they created medicine. With that invention we proceeded to increase lifespans, live healthier (for a while) etc. I’m sure you’re a paragon of fitness and wouldn’t be the first to be culled aye? 😉

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