Forza 4's Fancy Edition Packs Extra Cars

The Limited Collector's Edition of Forza 4 will ship with an art book (written by Top Gear staff), metal case and a range of extra cars, including the 2012 BMW M5 and classic American muscle cars. More info at the link. [Forza]


    So Luke, couldn't be bothered writing an article about Forza's CE? Just link to one? I see.

    It's marketing like this that led me to delete my Forza3 save data.
    Namely with the release of the 'ultimate edition' which required lifelong players to buy a new copy of the game to access some of the new vehicles.
    This is how they rewarded loyal fans after all the investment in DLC they had already purchased.
    Over 1000 hours of gameplay 100's of cars, hundreds of millions in credits, and many designs and tunes.

    The only thing that would possibly bring me back to the franchise is the inclusion of the Mount Panorama circuit. The single most requested track since F3s release.

    /stillbitter ;-)

      You really that upset over missing a few cars when you already have 100's to choose from? The game is still the same one you enjoyed for 100's of hours...

      Your loss I guess - it's still the best racer out there and Forza 4 is an amazing improvement.

    I like the, Blueness, of it. Doesn't scream. "YEAH BOI, VROOOOM, VROOOOOOOM!!!" Seems more subtle.

    Also, I think it's worth buying because it's called, "Forza Motorsport 4."

    And not something stupid like:
    "Fourza Motorsport" or "4ourza Motorsport"

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