Forza 4’s Kinect Head-Tracking Looks Swish

Forza 4’s Kinect Head-Tracking Looks Swish

One of the first proper uses for Kinect outside ass-shaking and party tricks will be in upcoming racer Forza 4, when drivers get to use the camera to look around their car.

Sounds trivial, but as demonstrated in this video, it actually looks pretty damn cool.

[via VG247]


  • Sweet, a console version of TrackIR

    All I need now is either sudden xbox support for the driving force GT wheel or sudden playstation support for the kinect…

    I think I’m stuffed here

  • that’s so pointless, you’d have to turn your head, and move your eyes to keep looking at the screen.

    • As a first iteration you’re probably right. In practice it’s probably going ot be exagerated so a movement of less than 5 degress would give you full view within the cabin.
      I think you’re still right though. Nice idea but would quickly drive me nuts. I’m driving down a straight and I get an itch. I look away for a split second to scratch and all of a sudden I’m staring at the pedals in the car.

  • It’s a really good idea, one of the first proper applications of that ‘tiny little finishing touches’ concept that makes Kinect a solid motion-control approach… My only issue would be that it seems a little bit stubborn, the guy had to almost not be looking at his TV to look into the corner.

    I say would, because I’d still have no actual reason to get Kinect.

    And I say I’d because I still have no actual reason to get Forza.

  • Looks awesome and just what I wanted.
    I don’t think people realise how much they move their head naturally when playing games like this. It is subtle enough that it’s useable – better than the right stick to look around that is normally used.

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