Fun Facts About The Wii U Controller's Size

Bigger isn't necessarily better, but it's not necessarily bad, either. The Wii U Controller is large. No biggie!

Website Electricpig put the Wii U Controller into context, noting fun facts like you could apparently fit seven Wii Remotes across the Wii U Controller's face, and that it's 10 per cent longer than the Wii console and 24 per cent wider than it.

Nintendo Wii U in numbers: Just how big is it? [Electricpig]


    That's right, people. It is, in fact, bigger than the original Xbox controller.

    Let the jokes commence.

      original X-box controller was one of the best sizes of any controller so far, was a perfect fit in my hands.

      I still have one that i use for my PC (3rd party drivers/fabricated USB plug)

        I agree entirelty, it's a shame so few others did. You modded one for your PC? That's pretty freaking awesome, man, I would love one. D:

        Still the point is that everyone made fun of them so I'll be damn sure Nintendo won't get away from this without ridicule.

    I can see me dropping that thing a lot of times. I would say that they would have an attachable wrist strap with the controller.

      No worries man. I bet it's made of Nintendium.

      I'm betting they'll let you play with the Wii Remote or an alternative for most games, since this seems just far too big to use.

        A wrist strap may be a good idea, but I don't believe any were attached to the demo units. That isn't to say that there isn't a hole for it. (I didn't happen to look that closely during my brief time with it.)

        However, you might not find yourself dropping it too often, as there is a ridge along the back, which will prevent it slipping through your fingers. And I would assume that no game will ask you to swing the controller in a single hand, so hopefully the double-hand grip will prevent any incidents.

        As for developers including Wii Remote support, I would hope that this is frequently true. Unfortunately, if a game is designed to utilise the touch screen, it may not be too easy to replicate the experience on a Wii Remote. The additional viewport provided on the controller is a game-changer, and Wii Remote support will require a fair bit of work.

    Wow, who would have thought jamming a massive touch screen into a controller would make it better than say one without a massive touch screen? Its like complaining that a laptop is bigger than a keyboard.

    The Wii U controller and PSV really need to be compared to an iPad if the comparison is going to be meaningful in any sense.

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