GAME TV Heads To Supanova

GAME TV Heads To Supanova

Alright, so the first GAME video wasn’t exactly a hit with you chaps – for reasons I mostly agree with. That being said, the latest episode, which covers Supanova is, in my honest opinion, a big improvement.

From what I’ve heard the guys over at GAME actually took the feedback in the Kotaku comments very seriously, so I’m interested to see what you guys think of this one.

Personally I think that, outside of the sterile staged ‘basement’ area, which plays into some of the stereotypes that irritated you (and me!) the show has potential to be quite entertaining.



  • Hey, they could bring the basement with them! It would only take 10 minutes to reconstruct that lousy set…

  • 1. That stormtrooper girl was CUTE AS!

    2. I don’t think that was too bad, actually. In fact it was wayyy better than anything else they’ve done.

    Personally, as much as i am into pretty much everything people that go to these things are, i just find most of them to be so AWKWARD and kinda strange… ok, VERY strange. Like the guy who was playing the cosplay chess or whatever it was he was doing.. and that dude who was dressed as a dude, swinging swords before getting told off…

    I mean, you’d think if you were dressing as a character that dual wields swords, that you’d at least practice swinging them abit so you could do so with some conviction when prompted to do so, as you would most certainly be at one of those events…

    Oh, and once gain, cosplaying girls are sooooo rad 😛

    …most of the time…

    OH! And good work GameTV 🙂

  • Now I feel extraordinarily guilty for being mean before.

    That was definitely an improvement, it felt less forced and I think he was more relaxed than last time.

    I like the idea and I think they should run with it, it looks like they’ve found their feet a little more.

  • Still awkward as hell. But slightly more tolerable than the ripoff Wayne’s World thing they had going on before.

  • It’s inspired me to create my own show which will be 42 two hour episodes of me playing games while having a bath and in a cast iron tub. I’m a pretty big guy but I could probably fit Cliffy B in there for an interview, maybe sitting on my knees.

  • I find it hard to hate them when they sold me Batman for 100, rather than the 120 EB charged. Good? No. Better than others? Yes.

  • Really didn’t like any of them, 1 + 2 were really bad, with episode 3 it was cool to see Supanova but not overly interesting…

  • Ech, back in day (OK, not that long, maybe 3-4 years ago) “celebrities” would say, “Oh yeah! I love games!”, and when asked what their favourite game was they’d offer a useless stock answer which usually quite nicely outlined their sincerity or lack thereof. The partially out of touch, or insincere spout off “Mario!” with no specification of which Mario game, could be Galaxy 2, could be Super Mario Bros’), “Pac-Man” for the really out-of-touch or “Wii Sports” which signified their in-ness with the nouveau mass-appeal casual crowd. Well, the current equivalent for this is “I love Black Ops/Sports games!”

    I hate to make the wanky high-art/low-art distinction, but saying you love games because you play a lot of Black Ops or Madden, is pretty much saying you’re a food gourmand because you eat a lot of french-fries from both McDonalds and KFC, with the keen sense to ably distinguish between the fry-thickness and seasoning. Blech.

    On topic, how was Supanova? There seemed to be some pretty bitchin’ cosplay out on the day. When I went last year, there were some pretty good tabletop and electronic gaming promo set-ups from publishers and developers, was it the same this year?

  • here is my review that i posted on TAY

    “here is my review of GameTV

    episode 1: this isn’t funny, it looks like they have basicly ripped off waynes world, except made it about games, i’ll give this another chance though

    Episode 2: stopped watching after one guy said his favorite game was black ops, didn’t make me laugh once…

    so yeah,

    ummmm, the website design was sorta nice?

    the severe lack of it being funny at all…”

  • This episode was much better than the last couple, mainly because it wasn’t scripted.

    Let’s hope they learn from this when they head back into ‘the basement’.

  • Nice one! A few dull moments here and there, but I made it to the end, and that’s what counts 🙂
    Well done to all involved.

    I was really keen to get to Supanova this year – didn’t turn out – so this was a pretty good recap.

    It’s given me an idea on what to expect next year… NERDS EVERYWHERE.

  • The ads for this show are as annoying as hell, and when I walked into GAME today it was on the store radio. And man was it bad…

    I hope this thing fizzles out and dies.

  • while this was pretty boring, mainly because anyone with a camera could have done the same stuff(marsters maybe being the only exception)

    But at least theres none of the insulting generalisations and petty arguements.

    Something which is helped by the fact that there was only one of them there so they couldn’t spit out the terrible material they have been

  • Is this one of those viral marketing things where they make something so bad and cringe worthy that people start sharing it to laugh at? They are one song about Friday away from making Game millions!

  • You know, aside from the fact that he used the term ‘gamer’ I don’t really have anything to dislike about this video. A good snippet of supanova, an event which wouldn’t get any coverage otherwise.

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