Gameplay Of Upcoming Wii U Shooter, Killer Freaks From Outer Space

Gameplay Of Upcoming Wii U Shooter, Killer Freaks From Outer Space

Killer Freaks from Outer Space isn’t your average shooter. Makes sense—the Wii U isn’t your average console.

Unveiled at E3, Killer Freaks from Outer Space pits you as a balding, old British geezer who takes on an alien invasion.

Here is the gameplay and multiplayer Ubisoft showed off. Multiplayer is about six or seven minutes int—its interesting.


  • I like the enemy control vs player,

    but the game looks average overall.

    I guess I was wrong about specific games for more hardcore gamers. I better start eating my hat.

  • To render HD on one screen and then also produce another screens worth of data (even if SD) and produce 2 styles of gameplay would take a bit of horsepower. I think the Wii U is a little bit more powerful then we know.

  • It looks like a pain in the neck to control. I hope they have an option to disable the gyroscope etc. Lazy gamers like myself don’t want to be moveing around like that.

  • This. This, is the actual revolution that the Wii U is going to bring to the table. I’m glad to see that this early, third party big players are playing around this concept (I was fearing it would be a WiiSports-like gimmick that only Nintendo would attempt to exploit, after seeing in that chasing game of the first day’s presentation.)

    This feature may not be as flashy (some would say disruptive) as the Wiimote was on first impression, but its impact in the way games are played it’s going to be even more paradigm-shifting.

  • How long before someone makes a gun peripheral that attaches to the WiiU screen?
    Also, the lighting effects look very good.

    The enemy director is a totally new take on two player on a single console. I’m getting more excited by the possibilities of the Wii-U.

    Something like starcraft would be bloody amazing with this controller and the touchscreen.

    • Really you love Nintendo stuff? your fooling no one. You call the console crap on one early demonstration of what the console is capable of? We havent even seen final games and your ready to pass judgement – thats fanboy territory.

      i think you love your microsoft/sony stuff is what you mean.

  • I think we need to see the new controller as an enhancer, not as a replacement for twin analogues. Waving that thing around in the air for hours on end would piss me right off…. Devs would be foolish to offer this as a single control scheme.

    Graphically, colour me impressed. For an early tech demo/WIP that is.

  • Its a nice concept but i prefer the main game plays on the TV screen without any HUD and the controller displays all the vital information like maps and inventory, health ammo etc etc. Even something as simple as that is all it has to do.

  • LOL! Oh man you guys are killing me. You have lost the freakin’ plot if you think that is a good way to play an FPS – standing in my living room twirling around in circles staring at a screen in my hands like a blair witch camera man on crack. Good luck with that!

  • Give me a mouse and a keyboard any day. The controller is huge, how much does it weigh? I know that people complain about the iPad’s weight after long use, so something like this is bound to get tiresome quickly.

    I’d also suggest that the next time they demo the game they should probably use gamers to play it becuase these guys definitely aren’t doing a good job here. The motion of the gameplay definitely seems to lack fluidity… It’s an early build and it will definitely be interesting to see where they go with it, certainly one to watch…

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