Gametraders Selling Ocarina Of Time Early

Gametraders Selling Ocarina Of Time Early

Just to clarify, this is not an official street date break but, as reported by Vooks, Gametraders is selling EU, imported versions of Ocarina of Time in their stores, a week ahead of the game’s official release date in Australia.

The EU version will work in your Australian 3DS, so there’s no issues there.

It’s interesting – while most retailers wouldn’t attempt this for fear of ruining established relationships with publishers, Game Traders has been known to stock grey imports of games instead of buying stock normally at cost price. Technically, from my understanding, this is illegal since the games don’t have Australian classifications on the box – but it’s the job of the police to enforce this, and doing so would probably be a colossal waste of their time. We suspect the only people who will have a problem with this is Nintendo themselves.

So, if you feel like picking up a copy of Ocarina of Time on the 3DS early, you know where to go! Just be aware that you won’t be able to redeem your free Ocarina of Time soundtrack.

Gametraders selling Ocarina of Time 3D early, but… [Vooks]


  • They do have the Australian classifications on them though, they just use the same stickers that all the other Euro imports get.

    Wouldn’t buy any of them myself though, because I’m OCD about uniformity in my collection 😛

  • Any woed if Nintendo are going to try and stop this? Can they? If the retailer puts a australian classification sticker over the EU one, would that allow it to be sold “legally”? Interesting this as I do not beleive Nintendo will let it go very easily. Good deal for the fans!

    • They did the same for Smash Bros Brawl and sold the US release of it (with a disc that let you get around region coding as a bundle) before the AU release.

      I’d be willing to bet there are other times GameTraders has done this as well and yet everything continues as normal.

  • I wish EB would break date in response – I just finished Link’s Awakening DX and want my Ocarina, dammit!

  • Game Traders doesnt have an agreement with anybody they go through individual suppliers not the company them selves, so they always get games cheaper and earlier. And they can sell the imports as long as the game itself is the same version (rating wise) as Australia

  • “We suspect the only people who will have a problem with this is Nintendo themselves.” And the distributor(s?) selling the games to stores.

    I think it’s crazy that stores can’t source games from overseas and sell them. If they are legit copies and have AU classifications on them (nothing a sticker can’t fix) then I don’t see the problem, especially since it would be roughly half the price of what the other distributors are selling the game for.

    • There in lies the problem it seems to sell imported copies you have to go all or nothing or else the local retailers cut you off for being smart enough to job them

      Though GT doesn’t always pass there savings on

  • I’m wondering if you can still get the soundtrack with an imported copy. Club Nintendo recognised my Pilotwings code and that was imported.

    I’ll wait until June 30th to try my Zelda code though, unless someone else wants to be the guinea pig and try theirs now

    • This is why GameTraders are fucking awesome. Gonna go pick mine up from Stockland in Townsville first thing tomorrow morning.

      Also I ordered Dead or Alive: Dimensions from ozgameshop, and it registered just fine on my club Nintendo Australia account. So I’m assuming I’ll still get the soundtrack – if the code is included too..

  • I have a noob question: I know that I can’t play US carts on an Aus 3DS, but is it possible to play UK 3DS carts on an Aus unit?

    • May I ask why you want the Australian version? Unless you really want the ‘ocarina’ version, they are essentially the same

  • Hi Everyone,

    The logic behind selling this game early is that our stores take exception when publishers do exclusive deals with major corporations but they won’t offer the same deal to us, an an Australian owned company.

    Mark Langford
    Managing Director

    • Nice! F*** EB, seriously… I purpously avoid buying games at retail in Aus, but whenever I do, it’s usually gametraders (and usually because of this reason – imports and trade-ins)

    • Bit of a misfired attack though, Nintendo don’t do special editions, collectors editions, etc for any of their games. If they do it’s a generic special SKU for everyone.

      The Zelda Ocarina Edition is something EB Games have cooked up themselves, it’s not Nintendo’s ‘special edition’.

      Not saying I like EB or any of the big corporates. Just perhaps the wrong game to make that point with.

      • “The Zelda Ocarina Edition is something EB Games have cooked up themselves, it’s not Nintendo’s ‘special edition’.”

        Where are you getting this from? The pre-order bonus isn’t some freebie thrown in like a Happy-Meal toy. It isn’t even a bonus that they sell separately (like the Twilight Princess case) that was tossed in to sweeten the deal.

        The “Ocarina Edition” is a bona fide separate SDK in different packaging. The Ocarina was contracted by Nintendo, as per the ones they gave to the French press. It’s not just an “EB thing.”

          • Actually Steve0410 you are incorrect. EB in fact have organised the manufacture of and paid for the ocarina themselves. They also buy the licence and SKU to release their own addition (which is why its exclusive). Just because it has Nintendo’s “stamp of approval” doesnt mean Nintendo created it. Nintendo encourage way for themselves to make more profit; dont forget that. It was exactly the same thing with DNF “King” edition- comprised entirely by EB. They aren’t the only ones that do it- JB had that “Assassin’s Creed hoodie” awhile back which they made themselves to boost pre-orders/turnover.

            Oh and EB will be doing a whole lot more of this in the future and most, if not all of the time, the special exclusive will be the same price as the standard.

            Trust me on that one mate 😉

    • Ha! I was wondering if you guys were going to have something.
      How much are you selling them for? I hope much cheaper than local prices. I’m sick of paying the high local prices for games.

      Anyways, good on you guys 🙂 You’re certainly better than other 2 big internationals.

    • If this really is the Managing Director of Game Traders, I like the company even more again! A business that is actually in touch with its customers outside of the store, who’d have thought it?

    • Hey Mark –
      While it’s nice that you’re releasing it early, I take exception to the fact that you’re stating that being Australian-owned means something anymore. Especially while your rivals may not be Aussie-owned, they employ more Australians than your company many times over. (Hell, what does that make JB Hi-Fi?)

      Also, releasing this early will only exascerbate your problem. Complaining that Nintendo didn’t want to do a deal with you? Considering your attitude, I’m not surprised. And now that you’ve done this, I wouldn’t be expecting any support from Nintendo Australia from now on.

      Way to shoot yourself in the foot.

    • Talk about double standards from the MD of GT. The guy used to get on back of his stores I used to go to when they sold stuff early in the past. Also they have an ex nintendo person working in their head office. Lol what a joke GT.

    • Would the managing director of Gametraders like to comment on why an increasing majority of their games are imported from overseas, yet are being sold at pretty much the same prices as the genuine Australian versions. For a company who likes to play on how Aussie they are compared to EB and Game, it is wrong that you don’t support Australian publishers and then proceed to rip-off Australian consumers by not passing on the savings you are achieving by passing the Australian publisher. Note to everyone the Australian retail version of this game is actually cheaper everywhere I have checked than this price from GameTraders, all you have to do is wait a week.

  • crap. Can’t get the soundtrack? I just ordered it online yesterday. laaaaame 🙁
    Hopefully I can if I just register it after June 30…

  • any confirmation if the Perth stores are carrying stock? (ie. Galleria or Joondolup?).
    might send the sister to pick me up a copy before she flies out to meet me in vietnam, i was spewing i was flying out a mere week before its release!

  • Hi all, me again, I have tried to keep it as brief as possible without writing an essay.

    10 years ago when I started GT there were over 150 independent games shops run by people who love the industry, today you can count them on one hand.

    Today games are often used by the big department stores as loss leaders, they don’t care about games and they get deals that we cannot get so we import some titles which allow us to complete with them because you can’t pay your rent and wages selling games at cost price or on small margins especially when the rents are over $200,000 pa in some centers.

    All games sold in Australia are imported and they all come from the same factories, importing direct allow us to cut out the middleman and allow us to compete. We are fully compliant with Australian law which encourages parallel importing plus we place the rating sticker on every game . It’s a case of adapt or die.

    Generally we don’t break street dates unless a competitor has a deal (normally provided by the publishers) that gives them a competitive advantage. For the record our competitors have broken street dates plenty of times.

    The big department stores in particular pay about a 1/4 of the rent than we do and they mostly don’t provide the same staffing levels.

    Our franchise owners work extremely hard and have put everything on the line so we will do whatever it takes to compete.

    Mark Langford

    • Sorry to say but that is bull. The reason you are cutting out middle man is because your distribution company sonic wholesalers imports and makes the money which should be going to franchisees. This screws over your franchisees who buy from you in good faith but still have to retail them at close to full price. How come you don’t retail your games at $50 or 60 like online retailers do? The games come from same distribution channels in uk I.e creative distribution , gem etc? Your stores can’t even buy from overseas as your company has put a block on them by the way of ‘approved suppliers’. Your franchisees work hard because they are squeezing every cent they can get to survive while you milk the cow. Not very Australian company if your dollars are going over seas buddy.

      • You sound like you are a former franchise, in terms of keeping money in aus, the profits are kept here as the stores are local. Also online stores dont have over heads like rent and probaly not much staff either.

    • As a Manager working from one of the other Big 3 specialty stores i can defiently see why your company would want to make a stand against publishers who just arn’t taking Australians seriously. Heck my comapny imports select few titles and a good precentage of our pre-owned is mint imported stuff.

      The biggest issue i would imagine you having is customs. they can hold anything up for any amount of time and with it being completley your companies responsibility to get the games to your stores it could be catastropohic if games get delayed by customs.

      Also DLC would be an issue with ps3 games too. Good luck though competion is good and i would love for there to be more succesful Gametraders around.

    • It is interesting to note that my local gametraders has recently moved from in the local mall to inside our local shopping centre. One would assume their rent has gone up quite considerably. Yet apparently it made good business sense.

      Could it be the amount of business they will get inside the shopping centre will be considerably higher? Could it be the reason why there is a greater amount of foot traffic and potential customers is the existance of the big department stores?

      IT IS the big department stores which attract people to the shopping centres. Yes they may pay less rent, but if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t have as many customers. Doesn’t it make perfect sense then to try and attract the big department stores to your centre? There are plenty of examples where the big department stores are just stand alone shops so if need be they certainly will go it alone.

      You can’t have it both ways.

  • Sorry Sianvision but you are naive and shortsighted, If you think that we can sell games at the same price as an online business that works out of a warehouse or their lounge room.

    We are able to supply games to our stores at well under the local wholesale prices which enables our stores to compete. Check out our current catalogue prices and you will see that we are well under the SRP and our stores still make a margin so you are wrong when you say that we charge full SRP

    That’s it from me, I’ve clearly set out our position and it’s back to work for me.

    Mark Langford

    • You are referring to the SRP for the Australian retail version. You are not selling Australian retail versions and therefore this SRP doesn’t apply. Anyone who has been in a GameTraders will also know that the majority of the imported games are pretty much the same price (with the exception of possibly EB) as everywhere else selling in Australian retail. Case in point is the game referred to here. Even EB is going to be selling the Australian retail version of the game for less than you. This version you are selling can be bought online from ozgameshop for $44.99 and one would assume they are making a profit selling at this price. You would also assume GameTraders is importing into the country in bulk (although I guess if you really wanted to you could order it in 1 copy at a time from ozgameshop) so this shipping per item would be much lower. In other words GT is making a killing off this item and screwing over Australian customers.

      • Just to clarify for you scorpionsa – when you buy from ozgameshop you dont have to pay GST – so your 44.99 EX GST is actually $50 inc GST. So if a retailer here bought from Ozgameshop they would have to sell it for $50 to break even (10% goes to the government as GST).

        The local wholesale price for Ocarina of time is $52.50 from Australian distributors – this is a fact. It is cheaper for an independant games store to walk down to Big W or Dick Smith for OOT than it is to buy from a wholesaler – its an absolute joke. Its like this for nearly EVERY new release. I can understand why Gametraders imports games like this, they are not going to last long if everyone is selling their main product lines for less than they can buy them for (does anyone remember a company called EZY DVD??) Then customers want price match – how can anyone pay rent and wages if they have to sell below their cost price??

        I can also confirm that even when importing from a UK wholesaler – OOT costs about $5 less than locally – not a massive amount! 3DS games are actually pretty evenly priced when comparing AU to UK….

    • Not really. Ozgameshop is part of zavii and the hut group who buy from gem and creative. Your wholesale prices landed are at least 30% below the uk retail prices. in this case you are marking up your games significantly and distributing through sonic wholesalers to your stores. Your stores are then asked to sell them at competitive prices thus squeezing profits out of the stores. Yes you have competitive prices in catalogue, but this is at the expense of store owners who run shops at low margins.
      Case in point is that you supply outside your group aswell to video stores thus competing with your own group. Pretty cut throat business as far as I’m concerned.
      Your comment?

  • Wow, the actual Managing Director commenting. Thats very cool, and very unexpected. Love Gametraders, but really miss the Perth store 🙁 You guys need one in the city again!

  • Succeeding in business is challenging at the best of times but since the GFC things has gotten even more competitive. We are subjected to intense competition and that is why we have to import some titles direct to allow us to compete and give our stores better margins which we have managed to achieve over the last two years.

    We will also sell some games early if we see an unfair competitive advantage especially when a publisher gives our competitors a deal that it is available to us. We are not the only ones that sell early on occasions, street dates are broken all the time by our competitors.

    I noted a couple of very cynical comments above, all I can say is that people should have their facts right before they make incorrect assumptions.

    Now I will try and get back to work.


    Mark Langford

    • I don’t mean to gobble up anymore of your time, but you have to remember competition is tough on all businesses. Having an unfair advantage allows you to gobble up dishonest profits. And I don’t really agree with what you said here:

      “We will also sell some games early if we see an unfair competitive advantage especially when a publisher gives our competitors a deal that it is available to us. We are not the only ones that sell early on occasions, street dates are broken all the time by our competitors.”

      The damage you’ve done by selling early would be worse than if you didn’t. That takes away potential costumers from the market of a single game (because they’ll have their copy). Committing another “wrong” doesn’t make it right. Even if that’s cliche, it sounds more right than what you’re doing to make profits. Customers deserve honesty.

      Just because your competitors may sell games early doesn’t mean you have the right to do so. Why don’t you retaliate by just tipping off Nintendo (or any other company when appropriate) that these competitors are breaking their agreements? It’s just childish to do something because someone else does it.

  • It’s probably wrong to buy these…Game Developers deserve to be supported…Supporting actions like this just leads to more corruption. I don’t shop at Game Traders, but letting them make more profit off of counter price just isn’t fair to the stores that stay true to their agreements with gaming companies. It’s an unfair advantage and, it’s just not fair to Nintendo!

    • Dylan

      Are you seriously that nieve?

      The largest gaming brand in the world EB have been the main people breaking street dates. Not long ago with Duke Nukem to start with, oh and then there was the Starcraft 2 last year just to name 2. EB hold near a virtual stranglehold over the gaming market and your upset that they may get upset? Doesn’t make sence to me?

      GT are just giving back what a competitor is dishing out!

      I fully agree though with you that developers need to be supported, but Aussies need to stop being ripped off by the developers/wholesalers as their the ones dictating the cost prices not retailers.

  • You hit the nail on the head Kingster

    We are the only independent games chain left in this country, we and our franchise store owners love this business and we will react quickly to any situation.

    Our main issue is the big departments stores who pay far less rent than us, are on big rebates and use games as loss leaders (but often run out early in the day, which by then the damage is done) to drive you into their stores hoping you will buy socks jocks and electric clocks at huge margins.

    Not many game developers live in Australia, at the end of the day the money goes back to the publishers who (and let’s be honest) can’t wait for the day that all games are directly downloaded, it will happen but when it does we will have evolved and will continue to adapt to changing circumstances.

    Adapt or die, we do not intend to follow the path of the so many independent game store owners who love this business and are gone forever.

    Mark – GT

  • Most Australians now simply import. Sites like ozgameshop and playasia make it so easy, cheap and fast.

    I think small businesses should do whatever they can to stay afloat.

    • I think your version of ‘most’ is more likely a very small minority compared to the total Australian market.

  • Mr Langord & GT, before passing your comments in forward of your own opinion and as known fact most of your Franchisee’s suggest your business model is very poor as well as your practices but may have liked gaming. I suggest people in support of the gaming industry ask the store owners of GT if they are making any money and are enjoying owing a Franchise then there you will see the proof in the pudding?
    May be in would be interesting and I suggest the owners get together for a chat and see if they can help each other?
    Good luck…

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