Gears Of War Designer Doesn't Want To Be Remembered Only For Gears

Cliff Bleszinski designs Gears of War. The games sell millions. Before Bleszinski made Gears games, he worked on Unreal Tournament games and Jazz Jackrabbit, but it's Gears of War that he's known for.

"I can tell you know that if for the rest of my life I am only remembered for a fucking chainsaw gun, I will drink a bottle of whisky and put a gun in my mouth," Bleszinski told Digital Spy. What if you are only remembered as Dude Huge?

"I am far from done with everything," the game designer continued. Dude has huge plans. This all sounds like Bleszinski is working on something besides a new Gears game.

The Gears designer added that he thought there was "plenty of life in Gears"; he also doesn't want to beat a dead horse. He doesn't want future Gears games to be simply the same characters coming back and fighting more enemies.

"Gears is amazing and I love it, absolutely adore it, but it will not be the final legacy of this studio."

Many game creators say they don't want to be pigeonholed. Take Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, who has repeatedly tried to walk away from MGS, only to come back and make more Metal Gear games.

Maybe Bleszinski, though, is in a situation in which he can make the games he truly wants to—as opposed to the ones that make his studio and his publisher gobs of cash.

'Gears of War' won't be the "legacy" of Epic Games [Digital Spy via CVG]

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    Didn't I read in Tom Bissell's Extra Lives that Bleszinski was a big fan of the 'games as art' argument?

    I'd love to see something from him that was more than a chainsaw-gun game.

      What makes games art is not just their artistic visuals, audio and stories as other mediums of art can do these as well. What makes videogames "art" is their interactivity or gameplay.

      Gears of War shouldn't be excluded as being art because it doesn't explore the depths of the human condition. It should be included because the gameplay is extremely well refined and enjoyable.

      This is my opinion and I believe Cliff's also.

        Yeah, no doubt. Perhaps that comment wasn't clear.

        I'm not saying that Gears isn't art, but something less iterative (badass space marines battling aliens) would be an interesting use of his obvious talent.

        The gameplay is as much a part of the artistic experience as the story, but a really strong and unique narrative would make things so much more interesting, in my opinion.

    Bring back Jazz Jackrabbit!

    Jazz Jackrabbit is one of the greatest 2D platformers in history. It's right up there with Super Mario Bros and the original Sonic games in my book. Killer soundtrack by Alexander Brandon too!!!

    Not trying to be rude, but what does he actually do? Designs games is a bit vague, what input does he have? I thought he was just a PR guy.

      Wasn't he the guy who created Unreal Tournament?
      I think he's the head of Epic... who also own Chair, and People Can Fly.

        Actually he is Creative Director, which makes "designs games" more true in this case than most other positions in a games company.

        It's his job to oversee production and make sure that it falls in line with his and the other producers/directors vision of the game, he would spend plenty of time talking to all the different department leads and pouring over everything produced to actually (in this case) make sure it is all really Gears of War, visually, aurally and gameplay wise.

        His position in the company is EXACTLY what so many endeavoring game designers want to be, and it's not a role that's easy to claim.

    I think CliffyB will be remembered as being completely insane. That's a good thing though, it's awesome to have such a charismatic developer that obviously cares a LOT about video games

    My friends and I are PC gamers and think of Cliff as a back stabbing little prick who went on to only make console games. So he shouldn't worry too much. =)

    Seriously though. I would be disappointed to if I am only remembered for Gears of War. It's an alright game but to be remembered only for Gears would make me turn in my grave. I know Cliff is a talented man who can come up with something so much more but I think he's restricted in what he is allowed to do.

    Maybe next time you can bring your game to PC mate. ;)

      I agree with you and your mates sentiments. CliffyB needs to make another really fun PC experience.

    Be glad you are actually remembered in this industry and be grateful for your success - alot of people fail at this and your arrogance is not needed...

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