George Miller’s Aussie Game Studio Creating Happy Feet 2

George Miller’s Aussie Game Studio Creating Happy Feet 2

A while back we broke the news that the former God of War 2 Director Cory Barlog was helping Australian movie legend George Miller (of Mad Max fame) set up the KMM video game studio in Sydney. Barlog himself stated he was working on a Mad Max video game, but the studio’s first project may end up being a game based on the upcoming Happy Feet 2.

With Miller's upcoming Mad Max sequel stuck in production limbo, it appears as though Miller's production company is going full steam ahead on the Happy Feet 2 project, with a trailer recently being released.

Miller's reasoning for setting up a game studio was to allow video game development to be done in tandem with movie production - hopefully resulting in higher quality games more in keeping with the vision of the IP. Makes sense, but the flip side of that problem is, in the case of the Mad Max video game, development is often at the mercy of often troublesome act of producing a large-scale movie.

A Cory Barlog inspired vision of Mad Max is one we want to be a part of. Hopefully it's a video game we'll eventually get to play.


  • There’s also the slight issue in that a movie can be filmed and in the can within about six-ish months.
    Video games, good video games, take longer.

    Didn’t you interview one of the Krome guys who said just that?

  • Any of the films I worked on were a minimum of two years, most were about 5 from start to finish.
    Sure, you could potentially knock over a live action shoot in a few months, but there is a lot more to making a film than the shoot.

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