Get A Taste Of Dungeon Siege III On Xbox 360 Today

Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment have released a playable demo of dungeon crawler Dungeon Siege III for Xbox 360 today. People who would prefer to play it on PC or PlayStation 3 will have to wait until June 7 to try it out.


    Just looked on XBL, it's not there.

      I looked also, no dice. It will probably be up later today.

    Its US only demo. Makes no sense to m :(

    June 22nd for Xbox and PS3 according to ->

      Note: so it's US demo on Xbox today, June 22nd for Europe (which presumably will include Aust).

      No idea why a demo would have localisation ...

    well i thought that i was gunna be smart and recover my US tag but noooooo u need to be a gold member to download this demo.... no thanks, no demo is worth $9.99USD even when our $ is good...

    It was available yesterday in the US. You can only choose between two of the playable characters, but you can play through roughly one hour of the campaign which is nice. Combat was enjoyable, requiring you to often switch between your two stances, block, make smart use of your abilities, and roll out of danger as well (at least on Hardcore difficulty).

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