Get A Taste Of Saints Row: The Third's Power With Its First CG Trailer

Volition's sometimes beautiful, but thoroughly twisted purple fantasy Saints Row: The Third is coming to the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 later this year. We'll have gameplay impressions soon. But for now, all we have is a trailer.

This is purely a vibe-setting look at Saints Row: The Third, devoid of giant purple dong attacks but filled with the cast and crew of Steelport causing their own brand of violent chaos. Stay tuned for more.

Saints Row: The Third - Official CG Trailer [YouTube]



      ALL OF THEM.


          ALL MY PONIES TOO!

    Hang on... 4 days after Skyrim?

    Damn, looks like i'll be seeing you next year Saint's Row.

    Nice trailer, horrible music.

    Good bye GTA, Hello Saints Row.

    oooohhh Nov 15th, I'll be getting this on release, but I dont think a lot of other people will (MW3, Skyrim)

    Was that Bear Grylls?

      Looks like a turf war, better drink my own piss!

    Awesome! Gonna definitely be buying that!

    One question though, where was Gat?

      He's the guy who leapt in front of he main charector... and took a round in the shoulder.

        Didn't even recognise him, much like Shaundi (I'm assuming the brunette is her) and Pierce. They've really changed how they all look. Don't see why though.

          WTB Johnny Gat PST

          The saints are supposedly house hold names this time round and therefore gotta upgrade their threads :P

    Nice trailer, nice music.

    Definitely going to have to replay the first two games before this one hits, can't wait!

      Replay? I haven't stopped playing them :).

    gonna buy on realese date!!!

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