Get Ready For Valve-Branded Gaming Peripherals

Valve is teaming with gaming peripheral maker SteelSeries for a, ahem, series of Valve branded accessories for Valve's most famous titles. [SteelSeries]


    In the actual media release it just says gaming surfaces, not peripherals. We're going to get valve game mousepads.

      Typical Kotaku US reporting, leave the professional journalism to the Aussies ;)

      Mousepad hats, coming to a TF2 match near you.

      But we already have Valve mousepads. I got my mrs a nice large L4D mousepad 2 years ago.

    Seriously Valve... stop all this BS and reveal Half Life 2: Episode 3.

    Will not touch another fail Steelseries product after the Zboard and bloody WoW mouse that liked to randomly just, oh I dunno, stop working for no reason.

    Good day Valve branded products, I bid you Adieu!

    It kind of feels like Valve are avoiding the problem of HL:ep3 by CONSTANTLY veering off track. First Left 4 Dead 2, then Portal 2 and now this!

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