Get Shitfaced With This Game Schwag

It's not every day that you see a bottle of booze stamped with "licensed by Sega". But this isn't everyday. It's Wednesday, June 1.

Yakuza, Sega's games about... yakuza, is once again collaborating with a Japanese liquor maker for its latest game, Yakuza: of the End. The last couple of Yakuza games got their own alcohol, and the upcoming title is no exception.

A Yakuza: of the End label is being slapped on a bottle of awamori, a type of strong, distilled Japanese alcohol that differs from brewed sake.

It's priced at ¥1890 ($US23) and from Okinawa's Seifuku Distillery. Not a fan of awamori, though I do love sake - just not in beer. Do not put sake in beer. Seriously, it's a waste of sake.


    So, there is no way we are getting this in Australia I guess? Not tat I've played Yakuza, but I love collecting alcohol.

      you should give the games a shot, they're incredible.

    where can i get some i want!!!!!!!!!

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