Getting To The Bottom Of An Ass Man's Latest Handiwork

You may like feet. I might like the necks. But Kenichiro Yoshimura likes arses. No, he loves them.

Back in 2009, Yoshimura, who worked on Bayonetta, said this about the character's bottom: "I really wanted to get Bayonetta's backside perfect. I guess I am into that sort of thing..."

Is he ever! Yoshimura recently showed off only this underwear and butt modelling for a new female character in upcoming brawler Anarchy Reigns. That's right, the character's reveal is starting with her panty modelling.

The online beat'em up will be out in January 2012 and will allow players to kick their opponents', ahem, arse.

Follow Yoshimura's exploits on Twitter here


    This man deserves all the praise in the world!

    As a fellow assman I find this article to be marinated in awesomeness.

      "marinated in awesomeness."

      hahahahaha that is simply awesome.

    hehe Zbrush

      Don't knock ZBrush! It's WAY better than Mudbox IMHO!

        lol I agree, I use it all the time, I just find it amusing seeing it here :P

          If I were designing an arse, I wouldn't want to use something called 'Mudbox' to do it.


        Mudbox is great so dont say zbrush is better just because you cant work with it, i support both and each have there likes and dislike but its like the max vs maya

    I shudder to think what 'awesomeness' is referring to in this context.....

    Ironically it is probably more important to get the backside right than the front when playing a 3rd person game. Spend much more time looking at it.

    I feel sorry for anyone who has a thing for arses living in Japan.

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