Got Time To Kill? Watch 13 Minutes Of Modern Warfare 3!

The Sony conference kicks off in about 40 minutes, so you've got some time to kill, right? Why not sit through 13 minutes of Modern Warfare 3?

Via GameTrailers


    This is their response to the fault line trailer?


    Meh. But not as big a meh as I was expecting.

    sorry, but this is just the samething OVER and OVER again!... this series needs a refresh/reboot

      No, way. COD THE BEST!

      But seriously, I feel like they should re-dub these games 'Sim Michael Bay Movie'.

      I ask you this, How much does all the BF3 footage we have seen so far, aliken to BFBC2 and MoH?

      I would say not a little but a lot. :)

      I'll be buying both. I like the competition, despise the fanboism. :D

    One thing is for certain, the average joe will be able run this game on a mediocre computer and it'll be a flawless launch with minimal bugs.

    I'm looking forward to BF3 but I doubt it will be able to make that claim.

      No way, not if its anything like the Black Ops launch, which it probably will be seeing as though they only waited like a year to release this.

      It took me like 2 days to successfully install that stupid game.

        Black Ops was buggy because it was Treyarch and instead of using the polished version of the IWEngine that Infinity Ward used in MW2, they opted to update the version they had used for their last CoD game; World at War.

        From my understanding Black Ops was buggy because Treyarch decided it would be a flawless idea to build for the 360 and then port to the PC. I doubt IW is going to be that stupid

    I sat through it, hoping to see something that would be new. Some more intelligent AI. Less of the pop-up and down. I should've known. That was a really, really bland 13 minutes.

    Compare that to the two little clips of BF3 today - the tech clip and the multiplayer gameplay clip - and it's easy to see which one looks better, sounds better, and looks like it will be a tonne of fun to play.

    Cause that's the point, right? To have some fun? MW3 doesn't look like much fun.


    I got through half and realized I wasn't actually watching it anymore. I was just sitting here staring at my screen blankly

    some of you are idiots dont be so stupid both games will be fun in different ways MW3 will be really fast paced as always so fast that your like a super soldier and thats always fun BF3 will be really realistic and have more tactical team based games which is also very fun im buying both when you want a break from one you can play the other that way they both stay fun simple stop being idiotic fanboys

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