Grudge Match: Duke Nukem 3D Versus Duke Nukem Forever

There's been a lot of talk lately about the content of Duke Nukem Forever in comparison to Duke Nukem 3D and if it's really all that different... or worse.

The previous game was notorious for its adult content but gained just as much recognition for being a fun, well-designed shooter with interactive environments. Last week's Forever - not so much.

While your mileage may vary on the two as far as gameplay is concerned, there has been quite some fuss over Forever's undoubtedly crass content and if it's any worse than similar scenes in Duke Nukem 3D.

To that end, we've put together this little comparison NSFW video for you showing Duke being Duke in both games. Give it a watch and then tell us if you think Forever is in fact the same Duke you know and love.

The writer would like to thank the following YouTube users for the gameplay seen in this video:

RadioactiveG CheeseFromOuterSpace supMKD FixxerGaming Forsete StormSpirit86 supatann sebabdukeboss20 GamingDirectUK GamingCX

Image from Wallpaper Dreams


    why did this end with a duke forever logo? kotaku on the take again?

    WOW!!! Look at all those dramatic differences between the game. No wonder people say DNF is nothing like DN3D and that it's a total disgrace to the name....oh wait...IT'S IDENTICAL...

    The difference between Duke 3D and DNF is that D3D is 5% offensive material, 95% gameplay. There's only one level with strippers, the bulk of the captured babes (who are based on the impregnated women from Aliens who beg to be killed) are in a single chapter, and you get a cutscene only after finishing one of the chapters.

    Duke Nukem Forever decided that instead of PLAYING as Duke, you're better off watching Duke do cool things or talk about how awesome he is. If Duke3D were remade today it would be totally tame in comparison to other contemporary games like No More Heroes or The Witcher 2. Duke Nukem Forever is like taking an episode of South Park and removing all the charm and charisma from it. You're left with an unfunny husk that's offensive just to be offensive.

      Oh so South Park has charm and charisma now?

      So that explains the episode where Kenny crawls inside Ms Crabtree and finds a dead boy inside...

      If DN3D were remade today it would be DNF...

      DN3D back in the day was over-the-top, crude and totally unnecessary. Can you guess what DNF is?

        Agree totally with jaybee, and yes South Park does have charm and humor.

    Yeah, I'm not really seeing a huge difference in content. Only difference between games IMO is Duke is actually apologetic for shooting the abducted women, and in Duke 3D you can actually kill regular strippers, etc.

    I've posted a few times, and I'll say it again ... I really enjoyed DNF.

    It was a fun game, and to me that stands on it's own merits. It doesn't need to be smarter than The Wire, prettier than Crysis or as realistic as (snooze) COD. It had fun (my #1 priority in a game).

    Make more *fun* games and I'll keep buying them.

    In Duke3D you also had the option to turn the crude content OFF. Does Forever have this option?

    They're both crass and unapologetically offensive, but DNF pushed the boat out a bit more IMO, and could do so simply because the devs had a more comprehensive toolset and the inclination to do so. It's exactly what I expected from it if I'm honest...

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