Hackers Who Hit Sony Now Breach Nintendo's U.S. Website

Nintendo said today that hackers breached a server for its U.S. website but no customer information was compromised. The hacker group Lulzsec, which is behind other breaches of Sony websites earlier this week, claimed responsibility.

Lulzsec posted a server configuration file as proof of its involvement yet said it wasn't targeting Nintendo. "We just got a config file and made it clear that we didn't mean any harm," the group said this morning via its Twitter. "Nintendo had already fixed it anyway. <3 them!"

Lulzsec has claimed responsibility for earlier breaches of Sony Pictures and Sony BMG sites, posting databases of coupons, free download codes, and registration information of users who signed up at those sites. It also defaced PBS after its newsmagazine Frontline aired a story that wasn't 100 percent complimentary of Wikileaks.

Hackers Attack Nintendo [Wall Street Journal]


    Getting so tired of hearing about hacking. Someone needs to find these kids something better to do with their time.

    I think the picture pretty much sums it up.

    you can't stop them really, even if one is caught he just ends up being hired to fix the holes in their systems.

    Next stop Microsoft ... please.

    but WHY!? i dont understand

      you can. Industry should have respect for the register they collect from the users. There are ways to fix the holes and minimize impact on breach. It is too common practice to ignore fixes and just do the bare minimum for users data.

      With great power comes great responsibility. Hacks are harsh reminder for that.

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