Half Minute Hero Won’t Let Me Doom The World

Half Minute Hero Won’t Let Me Doom The World

Many role-playing games ask us if we want to save the world. Even the parody role-playing game Half Minute Hero, which I love, and which was ported to Xbox Live Arcade asks this question. Help the Time Goddess banish evil? “Yes” or “no”? As if “no” was an option…

I started playing the XBLA version this morning, mostly to check out the new art-style (I prefer the throwback Super Nintendo look of the PlayStation Portable version, which, thankfully, you can toggle back on).

I decided to say “no”.

No dice.

This is funny but it’s also on-the-mark. So many role-playing games purport to let us make choices. But how often are the choices they present no choice at all?

You have a half-minute to answer.


  • Some men just want to watch the world burn.
    And those kinds of people would also be the ones who would be able to kill hundreds of opponents again and again and continue to enjoy it.
    So maybe our fantasy heroes are not heroes at all, just psychopaths who end up saving the world simply because they have no other choice.

  • In pokemon Red when you beat the trainers on Nugget Bridge a Team Rocket Member asks if you wanted to join Team Rocket. If only you could say yes….

  • Just got this last night from XBLA on a whim. Love the throw-back art-style and general sense style and humor is exudes. Can’t wait to get home from work and play more…

  • Might I point out one game in particular that let you say no to the man who tries to send you on your quest. In super paper Mario there is a part after about 10 mins of cutscenes during the start of the game.
    When a man asks if you are going to save the world it gives you the option to say no, press this option enough and the man gives up and you come to a gameover screen.
    Had I known this would happen I would’ve said yes for there was no save point up to here and I had to restart and watch another 10 mins of cutscenes…

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