Halo Remake's Kinect Support Won't Ruin The Xbox Classic

They won't tell us whether this spring's 10-years-later remake, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will use the Kinect for voice control, gesture control or what, but Microsoft did tell us today that the game's Kinect suport won't compromise the quality of the original game.

Here's their official statement: "It's no surprise we're exploring ways Kinect can enhance game experiences in authentic and meaningful ways. The Kinect features we're exploring with 'Halo: Anniversary' are additive and will not affect the core gameplay experience or alter our mission of delivering a faithful recreation of the original game. That said we have nothing else to share just yet."


    As to be expected. Microsoft have always been very clear the kinect isn't for everything, and that it shouldn't be used to replace traditional controls where it doesn't make sense to do so.

    Using Kinect to be able to voice control aspects of the game to remove button presses can only benefit the experience. Being able to say "Score" to see the match score, rather than moving fingers off the action controls to the "back" button, will save (virtual) lives.

      Unless you're Australian and have been told you won't get voice control of the Kinect till 'sometime' in the next 12 months (previously middle of 2011, previously early 2011, previously late 2010, previously at launch).

      Considering the wide range of dialects and accents in the US I still don't understand what's so outrageous about the Australian accent that Kinect doesn't work. Even more frustrating is the fact I have an Irish accent.

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