Halo4.com Owner Probably Made A Lot Of Money, But Isn't Saying

Microsoft last week announced Halo 4, not that it owed the halo4.com domain or anything. They cleared up that little detail after the fact, acquiring the name today, reports Fusible. The domain's original owner isn't saying anything about what convinced him to let go of it.

Yes, I'm assuming it was money, as opposed to a threat from a lawyer over a Microsoft trademark. That's because I don't know the law about such things, except that the law is kind of expensive and time consuming, so throwing a little dough at the owner is probably quicker and cheaper and doesn't buy them a one-way ticket to Bad PR Island.

Fusible caught up with the previous owner, a Scott O'Reilly of Rochester, Minn. O'Reilly said the only term of the agreement he can disclose is that he can't disclose any terms of the agreement. I hope O'Reilly said that in the form of a toast to Joseph Heller.

Fusible notes that Microsoft does not own halo.com or halo1.com, but does own halo2.com and halo3.com. It's unknown how long O'Reilly owned halo4.com, but my guess is a smart person would have registered it the day Halo 3 was announced. Good long-term investment.

Microsoft Corporation Acquires the Domain Name Halo4.com, Price Unknown [Fusible]


    QUICK! Buy the other 5, 6, and 7 domains while we still can!

    You can get unlucky though. Dude did it with portal 2 when it was announced, but Valve just made www.thinkingwithportals.com

      It's actually thinkwithportals.com

    Ugh, domain squatters are among the scum of the earth. At least Microsoft can afford it.

      It's no different to investing in stocks. What's the big deal?

    I know the guy who had halo2.com.au made a nice settlement over the domain :)

    Microsoft should have just kept their money and called it "The Adventures of Master Chief" or something.

    Now i'm not 100% on US law, but my understanding as such is that if someone is squatting on a domain that the reasonable person would think obvious a corporation would want.. or something to that effect, they can simply be compelled to give it up. It's designed specifically to stop obvious domain squatting and people holding .com's to ransom.

    Halo 4 I think would be obvious, given its you know, one of the biggest franchises around. So i'm wondering if MS did keep their money.

      But Sevs, if that was the case...there wouldn't be an agreement for him to not disclose details. Ergo....money making deal! (Unless they payed him not to tell they forced his hand....but still he profited so same same)

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