Happy 20th Birthday Sonic!

Hola! Feliz cumpleanos my Hedgehog friend. Today it is Sonic's 20th anniversary, and to celebrate SEGA sent us the above - an awesome limited edition figurine of Sonic himself, wagging his finger like only he knows how. Hold up Sonic - it's your birthday, shouldn't we be giving you a present?

Anyway, this figurine is way too awesome for me to keep to myself, so I've decided that I'm going to send it out to who ever wins Community Kudos this week, as a reward for how incredible this community has been during this week, and practically every week since I've started at Kotaku.

Yes, I'm shedding manly tears.

This figurine is a pretty big deal. It's a limited edition figurine, and not 'limited edition' in the way that every single bloody box copy game you buy nowadays is 'limited'. It's limited for real - only 900 in the world. This one is number 286.

So thank you Sonic, for the memories - good and bad - and thank you guys for being the best community on the internet.


    Poor Sonic.

    His life was cut tragically short during his teenage years and then some poor bastards decided to reanimate his corpse.

    Your life will be remembered fondly. The ungodly things done to you after will hopefully be swiftly forgotten.

    I should get it for my tattoo alone.

      Please tell me it's one of those ones with the heart and arrow and the scroll that says "mom"

        No that's next ;)
        I have a Sonic tattoo lol

          Sonic tattoos are ironic in the fact that it takes hours to have the fastest game char on your skin...

          A pair of black glasses and that is all you'd need to be a hipster! rad!

            It's balanced out by a fat Italian on my other calf.

              Tony Soprano?

              Seems an odd tattoo to have on your leg...

                I've seen worse.

    *jaw hits the floor*

    Sweet holy Moses...

    Damn it AP!!! Enjoy your figurine! LOL

    ...what a rad figurine...

    Whoever wins that (AP) better make sweet, sweet love to it... whilst listening to this..


    Then go for a run... to a jet... filled with a sweaty dimly lit sex scene...

      Best part is the Rocky monologue in the middle. Gets me insanely pumped every time.

        I'm at the end of the second playthrough now.. i just completely rocked the feth out to "your the best around" and now "gonna fly now" from rocky is playing... Man i need some stairs....


            I feel like the 'on his way up' montage from scarface should be mentioned, take it to the limit! LIMIIIIIT!

      lolol! Yeaaaah I'm pretty much jealous of AP right about now

      I am not trying to troll here, this is an honest question.

      What made AP deserving this week's kudos?

      I thought it was all Jamie this week.

        Posting like a machine??? *shrugs*

          I guess that's fair, that was the reasoning behind Mark's nom for me that time.

      Huh? Did AP resurect John Candy or something and I didn't hear about it?

    I wanna win Community KUDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!

      Me and you both, Jimu. Me and you both...
      It would go nicely with all my other Sonic junk (By "junk" I mean "TREASURE!")
      However, I think we're in agreement on this week's nom.

    OMG I want this! I want to win PLZ PLZ PLZ, he's always been and always will be my childhood hero!

      Not if I go back in time and change it so Alex Kidd reigns supreme.

        I was probably too young to even know Alex Kidd, I grew up with a Sega Megadrive, and was given a cartridge with Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine all in 1! Best. Cartridge. Ever! For me anyway

          Thats a pretty sweet cartridge but Ima have ta say that my SNES cartridge with Super Mario 1, 2, 3, Lost Levels and World was the best video game cartridge ever.

    I would kill for that Kudos prize.
    (Anyone getting on your nerves?)
    But... There are others more deserving, and I've submitted my omnomnom.
    I'll just wait around until Sonic's 50th...

    i want one i already knew about this a week ago on sega blog but now sega blog is in maintenence trying to call sega australia cant find there number lol.

    Knowing that the prize is super-awesome in advance? Wow. This shit just got real.

    I wonder if minstrels serenading Mark while Swedish masseuses (carrying bowls of skittles) knead his shoulders will be sufficient to take this one?

    Congratulations to the winner, I'm sure they will deserve it.

      but wouldn't it be a wonderful slice of bitter sweet if it wasn't?

      "This weeks kudos goes to 'teabagger69'. teabagger69 posted only once this week, but my was it a doozy. His comment of 'Roflcopter, what a n00b, go die in a hole nintend-ho' was utter poetry and comedic genius."

        It wouldn't win, too fanboyish...

          I think that's the point..

            I should have elaborated, remove the fanboy element relating to a platform (Nintend-ho) and replace with a fanboy element relating to a game (I'm not smart enough to think one up) and then I think the comment would win!


              Nah man, you have to go with old school rivalry.
              Nandostendo vs. sega...

    Wouldn't it be easier to just give it to me? It's alright everyone I'll take one for the team.

    Happy 20th Birthday Sonic The Hedgehog.
    I remember playing your game when it was new on the mega drive when I was 4 (20years ago), it was the first time I played a video game I actually remember the moment and because of this I became the gaming whore I am today, the PC nerd the buy every console guy.
    Yes it is true, it is this little blue mr. needlemouse that has influenced me culturally more than anything in my life. He was a catalyst for who I became interests wise

    always loved Sonic :D
    got the other Sonic resin figures that were made by the same company that made this one: First 4 Figures.
    You can view my review of them and an interview with F4F on my website :D

    Would love to have this figure as well. As a Sonic fan since my third year on this planet, I just loved to have it ^^

    give this girl a break ;)

    love this site also btw ^^

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