Harry Potter Author Building Interactive Website…Game…Thing With Sony

Harry Potter Author Building Interactive Website…Game…Thing With Sony

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has inked a deal with Sony to create Pottermore, a strange hybrid between a website, a game, an online store and an encyclopaedia (Potterpedia?).

While there’s been recent speculation that the partnership between the two would result in an MMO, that’s clearly not the case, Pottermore instead serving as a portal of sorts for the fantasy universe where fans can read more of the series’ backstory and buy digital copies of the books.

There will be some game-related stuff, like the ability to join Hogwarts, “visit Diagon Alley, get sorted into a house, and cast spells and mix potions to help your house compete for the House Cup”, but really, the focus here is on selling books and keeping the licensing money pouring in now the series is finished.

Pottermore will be web-based, with no mention made of Sony’s dedicated gaming platforms.

J.K. Rowling Announces Pottermore [Sony]


    • She should re-release them all in ‘special editions’ and digitally add dewbacks and shit into every corner of the background on all the covers and change it so that Harry shoots first and gives a scar to Voldemort and actually make Dumbledore gay for real.

      And then because everybody loved them so much she should write a prequel that retconns most of the original series of novels and give the sorting hat a kickass fight scene where he does cartwheels.

      Oh, and Jar Jar needs to be in HufflePuff.

    • Easy why bother putting the effort into the books now, when you can cruise on the wave for a while.

      And in 5 years when the money trucks visit less frequently she’ll have 5 years of idea’s to create a new story in the same universe

    • LOL! Yeah, that pretty much is right on the mark on how I feel. She COULD start a new book series of something (idk what) but she probably figures that since Harry Potter is still SO. POPULAR, she can still milk fans for a few extra thousands. Harry Potter is EXTREMELY popular, even though the series is finished. I mean, you really can’t blame her…there is still potential for money, so why not?

      But it just goes to show, when an author really finds something popular, they’ll whore it out for all it’s worth…even if it ruins the series in the process (in some cases, not that Rowling is doing so).

  • Yeah she could go with another class or something but really I’d like to see a new angle. Maybe a team of Aurors or some other element of the world we don’t know as much about. Redoing another “class” of kids would just seem like a cheap rehash imho. Probably continue the maturation of the series, most of the readers have grown up and are older and I think would appreciate more of an adult perspective of things as opposed to the childish earlier or adolescent angst of the latter half.

  • “and buy digital copies of the books.”

    So she is now going back on her promise to never sell them electronically because she believes that books should be read as “books”.. total sell out.

  • I wish she’d write a series about Harry’s dad and mother, Siris, Peter,Lupin, and Snape when they were in school at Hogwarts. It would make for an interesting series.

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