Having A Runny Nose Is No Excuse For Not Playing MineCraft

Notch's excellent decision to make MineCraft built out of boxes creates marketing ideas he never imagined, unless he's prone to sinus infections.

Reader Frank tells us the story behind these lovely little snot boxes. "My sister started making cute covers for those cube tissue boxes and when a friend of mine said she should make them MineCraft cubes she gave it a try. They turned out so perfect!"

Well I don't know about perfect, Frank. My idea of the perfect tissue box cover may be different from yours. Everyone has their tissue box cover vision, after all. Still, I'd spend $US15 for a tissue box Creeper if I ever had the desire to decorate the container holding pieces of paper I plan on coating with nose goo.

MineCraft Tissue Box Covers [Snotty Bots]


    They're awesome.

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