He Wasn’t Good At Games, But Was Willing To Play And Learn

He Wasn’t Good At Games, But Was Willing To Play And Learn

Former Vice-President, current Current TV mogul Al Gore addressed the Games for Change summit yesterday. Read Kotaku‘s liveblog here.

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      • Another climate change science hater who has probably never read the science or at least claims to but is actually educated on pseudo internet facts. That’s how the American Tea Party movement was born.

        I don’t mean to start an argument here but seriously – 97% of scientists know it is real and yet somehow half of the general public is taking the words of 3% with open arms. If 3% of scientists told you cancer wasn’t real, would you listen to them? Problem with the human race is that we refuse to take action until we’re deep in the shit.

        • There is also a good amount of science out there showing that the planet goes through temperature cycles and that warming is/was inevitable and that humanity’s atmosphere pollution over the past couple hundred years didn’t magically create it… but that story’s not gonna get Al Gore & friends more money.

          Not really trying to argue either, just thought I’d add a dash of realistic cynicism.

          When it comes to any kind of issue where politics and science are both involved it’s always going to be Politics > Science in the end.

          Also, I’m surprised nobody’s gone out on a limb and tried to pull some kind of manbearpig joke… surprised and slightly disappointed.

  • This is the kind of thing people were bashing Kotaku about, bullshit, barley-video game related articles with a picture and a single scetence.

    Oh look it’s by Bashcraft as well. A message for Mark, is there any way to filter this hack out of Kotaku AU?

  • Games For Change? Who decides what changes we need? You? Me? Deep pocket special interests? I think we know the answer. I prefer my Games Without Change.. Less propaganda & more game.

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