Here Are Four Pokemon For Your Free PokeDex 3D App

This week Nintendo released Pokedex 3D, a 3D Pokemon viewing application that you can download for free on the 3DS' eShop. They also were handing out Pokemon Augmented Reality Markers at their booth.

Each of the four we grabbed are supposed to show different Pokemon on your 3DS when you use the app to scan the image.

We've included all four that we found below for your testing and viewing. The free app also lets you check out more than 150 Pokemon from Pokemon White Version and Pokemon Black Version games.

Have fun.


    For anybody interested, this blog is collecting all of the markers.

    You can scan them all in, but the Pokemon won't actually show up until you receive them via Spotpass (or however else you can get them). Still pretty cool though.

    There's no point in actually scanning these codes, as they contain Samurott, Emboar, Hydregion and Serperior respectively, all of which are included with the initial set of Pokémon that come with the Dex

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