Here Are Microsoft’s E3 Games

Here Are Microsoft’s E3 Games

This week, the E3 gaming expo gets underway in Los Angeles. Gaming’s heavyweights are showing off new hardware and new games. According to an insider, here’s the list of titles Microsoft will be showing:

Tomb Raider, Forza 4, Star Wars Kinect, Gears of War 3, a Halo related title, Codename Kingdoms, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Alan Wake: Night Springs (Kinect compatible), XCOM, Hitman: Absolution, Modern Warfare 3, Spelunky HD, Ghost Recon rail shooter for Kinect, Dance Central 2, Kinect FunLabs XCommerce, Kinect Sports: Season 2, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, Fable: The Journey, Raving Rabbids for Kinect, Unspecified Double Fine game, Hybrid (XBLA shooter), Roller Coaster Kinect, and Rise of Nightmares for Kinect.

Most of these games are not new reveals. Codename Kingdoms, the sword and sandal title from Crytek, was debuted at last year’s E3, while Kinect Star Wars was shown off earlier today.

Other “new” games, such as Fable: The Journey, appear to have already been revealed by Microsoft domain name registrations. Kotaku first heard about Kinect Sports 2 this past March.

“Something” Halo related doesn’t necessarily have to be a game; it could be a movie or a platform—who knows. Moreover, this appears to be the secret Microsoft is guarding closest. Other game titles, like Fable: the Journey, seem to be leaking out, but this title is under lock and key.

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    • That’s the puzzling thing for me about MS’s XBox business. For a company that got to where it is as a software company, they’re surprisingly weak in terms of actual software development. They’ve got Halo, Forza and Fable… but beyond that there’s not much of interest in terms of first party (for core gamers, at least – I’m ignoring the casual-oriented Kinect stuff, since most people who read a site like this would be interested in the core stuff). Obviously Gears of War is a big one, but that’s developed and owned by Epic. They’ve got Rare, but they’re just a shadow of the developer they used to be.

      I’m really surprised they haven’t built up greater first party development capacity – either by creating their own studios or buying up strong existing devs. It’s not like they can’t afford it. But relying on 3rd parties for your exclusives is fraught with danger given the increasing scarcity of 3rd party exclusives on any platform. The best you’ll get in most cases is timed exclusivity, and everybody’s cottoned on to that by now – when a 3rd party says it’s exclusive, in most cases you can take it as read that it’s timed, even if they don’t come out and say it.

      • Just to clarify my above comment, when I say they’re “weak” in first party development I mean in terms of the number of studios, not the quality of the output of the studios they’ve got. Obviously Halo, Forza and Fable are good games. It’s more a question of what else have they got? And where are the new first party IPs coming from? They’ve been pushing those 3 franchises since the original XBox.

        • And they’re not really breaking new ground either.
          Sony is prepared to experiment with new concepts (flower)… MS really doesn’t.

          I find it odd.

          If Microsoft wanted to upscale rapidly, they could buy some of the XBL-IG content and turn those into full games.
          The hit and miss nature of games development might be something they worry about… but I can’t see that when they’re paying 8 billion for Skype.
          I think the company took a big hit when Peter Moore left… and I really think they need to get back on board with development.

      • I agree with both of you. This gen in particular I could list on one hand the number of 1st party, platform exclusive games for each of the three consoles I really want. Sony seems to have picked up their pace slightly recently, but they aren’t exactly releasing significantly more than say Microsoft. Nintendo and Sega seem to have drastically cut the number of titles they work on, or at least release -they all seem to be farming out a huge amount of projects.

        So my question is, what are all those people at Sega and Nintendo doing instead of programming games? I like to imagine they are all hard at work in a Fox factory somewhere making Streams and pachinko machines, Iwata visiting once a month and whipping a few as he walks along merrily counting his money and mumbling something about “I love housewives”.

  • pretty poor list exclusives wise in my opinion, please note I said in my opinion. Looking forward to Alan Wake though – kinect.

  • Ghost Recon rail shooter? Rollercoaster Kinect? Kinect FunLabs XCommerce? WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS

  • Looking pretty light on. Yeah a game that is advertised as a ‘Rail-Shooter’… did I just wake up in the 90’s again?

  • What they arent saying is that they are also releasing a GPS / Kinect controlled orbital ion cannon… after all, thats hardware, not a game.

  • …did anyone else read it as “Codename Kingdoms: Sesame Street” and suddenly picture a gritty GTA style romp through their childhood?

    Man. I would buy that game.

  • Pretty sub par list there.

    There was a point in time when I used to use my 360 and play more games in it compared to my PS3. But recently I’ve been using my PS3 more and resorted to lend my 360 to my older brother because there are no 360 games I’m looking forward to. This list just cements my decision.

  • Whether “exclusives” are weak to me doesn’t matter. I don’t care that PS3 owners can play something I also can. As long as there are good games overall I don’t care whether it is exclusive or not. With that being said the PS3 exclusives don’t make me want to buy a PS3 for those handful of games, but if they were released on an xbox I might look into them.

  • Maybe you could hold of these posts that are titled as if this is the definitive, official release of details when it is in fact a list of expectations.


  • Hope it’s not another Halo.
    I wasn’t always the biggest fan of the series, but Reach was fantastic. Just leave it at that – Look at what they’re doing to CoD.

    • As someone else said, my information is it’s going to be a HD Halo -at least number 1, but now they are thinking about making it a compilation like all the Sony PS3 ones, so maybe 2 as well!

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