Here, Thirteen Minutes Of Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Footage

Mercifully after the week we've had, this extensive gameplay demonstration of Modern Warfare doesn't need the chit-chat of announcers to kick things off. It's just straight into the gunplay.

Say what you will about the dilapidated state of the series' story or the impactful departure of some of its key men. Infinity Ward can still make something look slick.


    The amount of ammo this guy must be carrying is ridiculous, I would be surprised if he reloaded less then 50 times

      But maybe that is because I have been playing OP Flash for the last month, and I am used to only having 6 Mags. Anyway, looks the same as usual, which is still very good but I am kind of getting sick of COD.

    old and already posted on this site 3 days ago

    Those are some nice corridors you have there.

    It always irks me to see helicopters portrayed like this in games, if you get hit by another helicopter, you're toast, unless you have regenerating health.... oh wait...

    I'm very excited to see how this stacks up against BF, they both look great so far. Regardless of who you support, each games innovations drive the bar that much higher, and us, the gamers are the ones who win in the end.

    Scenery is nice but I've seen all this before in the MW games unfortunately :(

    I loved the MW1 and 2 campaigns, even BLOPS, (as short as they were) but I'm getting a real 'been there done that' feeling from this. It just doesn't feel like there's any major progression in gameplay... but then that's CoD I suppose.

    Straight into the exact same think the previous games did.

    Wow! So much destructible envir-

    Oh wait its modern warfare.

    I think you accidentally posted MW2 footage

    Wow 13min of game play, isn't that half the length of the entire game?

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