Here's What Old (And Small) Metal Gear Games Look Like In "HD"

Konami is engaging in the very definition of fan service with its Metal Gear and ZoE box sets. Question is, are the results worth it?

While we won't know how they play until we play them, we can judge them today on how they look. Zone of the Enders screens sadly aren't available yet (that collection isn't due until next year), but screenshots from the PSP's Peace Walker and PS2/Xbox's Metal Gear Solid 2 are available. And are posted in the gallery above.

As is the box art for all three games/collections! As you can see, Peace Walker is being sold as a standalone product, not in the same collection as MGS2 & 3.

Peace Walker, PSP

Peace Walker, HD Version

Peace Walker Briefing, PSP

Peace Walker Briefing, HD Version

Metal Gear Solid 2, PS2

Metal Gear Solid 2, HD Version


    Oh what? I thought all 3 were in the one collection. Hmmm makes it a little less enticing... I guess a lot will depend on pricing.

      I feel a little duped!

        Defiantly a cash grab I feel the same.

          Especially granted that Peace Walker is just essentially an upscaled PSP game. Here's hoping that N0NEoftheAB0VE is correct and these retail for budget prices.

      My prediction is roughly $40 like those Dreamcast collections or the PSP GTA games on PS2 when they came out.

      I also predict the PS2 games will greatly outsell Peace Walker.

    Peace Walker is only separate in Japan.

      Really? Guess they're getting screwed, then.

      I wonder if Konami will blame it on the earthquake/tsunami?

    Woohoo! MGS3 on the PS3! Finally!

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited to see MGS on the XB360 as well as PS3. It's great to see Konami expand on their audience.

    I think it's important to note that the collection box art for mgs 2 & 3 also features the transfarring logo...does this mean msg 1 & 2 for ngp

      2 & 3 on NGP*

    Personally, I'd prefer separate releases. Having an old B/C PS3 makes the MGS2 & 3 updates rather pointless for me (especially given the marginal difference in graphics), and dual analogue is probably the only way I'm going to play Peace Walker.

      PS: Notice the stretched HUD on that last screen. How difficult could that possibly be to correct?

    wait- what? MGS3 on 360? Also Peace Walker?

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