Heroes Or Enormous Butts? You Decide!

Capcom is releasing two calendars for 2012: One is a Capcom girls calendar, and the other is a Capcom heroes calendar.

One has enormous butts, and the other one doesn't!

Both calendars are around $US20 and measure 59.4 x 42cm. Last year's Capcom girls calendar did so well, reports Game Swag, that it convinced Capcom to do a heroes one.

The calendars will be out in September in Japan.

Capcom lets you choose between sexy and heroic calendars [Game Swag via Dtoid]


    Some people like big butts, and it's a known fact these people can't lie. It's a refutable fact that others can't deny.

    Just watch this Video to confirm it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=35CPSP8qyG4

      But when a lady perambulates in your direction with a hip to waist ratio that is pleasing you may discover a tightening of the clothing below your midriff.

        You may feel the need to perpetrate a ruse that you are indeed quite adept at presenting a sincere and intimidating presence due in part to your keen observation of a forceful injection of a ladies posterior into her preferred denim trousers of choice.

          This comment win just made my boring morning at work that much more tolerable. +10

            +infinity. i literally did lol

    Just a heads up that HLJ have these for pre-order at the moment for 20% off (1,600 Yen). I couldn't decide which one to get, so ended up buying both :P

    Looks like Hyung Tae Kim's art style, Morrigan and Lilith that is.

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