Hitman Absolution’s E3 Trailer Isn’t Pulling Any Punches

Hitman Absolution’s E3 Trailer Isn’t Pulling Any Punches
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One question: if he’s going to smash up the joint, why bother sneaking around in the first place?


  • I hope they release a gameplay video soon so we can see if you can actually sneak around and be a tricky bastard like the old days or if this is becoming over-actionny

  • I hope they don’t remove a lot of the stealth tactics from the series. I hope this is just an awesome (incomplete) trailer, for pure hype and entertainment. It is made in CGI after all. I liked that the series allowed you to go in guns blazing and pass or be sneaky, perhaps this is a trailer showcasing the badass Agent 47, but allows us to also portray him for what he is known as, a SIlent Assassin.

    Don’t want to jump too many conclusions just yet, but I just hope they’re not going to skip forth so many years and dramatically shift gameplay just for the sake of a “re-boot” or because so many years have passed since the last game. We don’t care that it’s taken so long – doesn’t mean, because you were too lazy to start on a new entry sooner than later, that you can go and screw things up and making it more like Splinter Cell Conviction instead of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory if people know what I’m getting at. I want a game that continues not too long after Blood Money to continue the story without jumping too far ahead and sum everything up in a 5 minute opening cinematic cut scene.

    Ah hell, gimme some money and a manual guide and I’ll do it myself.

  • Hitman’s always been a game I love the idea of, but hate the execution of… I feel like instead of the (I hate to use this word affectionately) accessible approach of ‘every smart route can work but some work better,’ Hitman always goes with ‘only one route – and often the least smart and intuitive one – works so you’d better either try every single approach or have a walkthrough.’

    Not that I’m saying I want it dumbed down, there should be really smart, tricky routes you’ll only find through experimentation, but getting stuck on the first non-tutorial stage because the correct route isn’t a shifty disguise but some hidden back-door is not fun. And that’s what has consistently happened to me in Hitman games.

    So here’s hoping this one is… A little more intuitive and polished. The graphics would seem to suggest polish at least.

  • Yeah, this seems to stop short. Not even a logo, just a sudden stop.

    Also, I’ve played Hitman Codename 47 and a little of the sequel, but I’m not hip on the storyline… is this supposed to be a specific woman, or is it just random tittelation?

  • I figure the reason for the smash cut is to plant the conflict in the viewer that maybe she gets dead maybe she doesn’t.

    she doesn’t…

    Would be odd to get in a new actress for one sound-bite no?

    More likely that this is a message to Diana. An expression of his feeling betrayed. She couldn’t BE more vulnerable (naked in a shower) yet he lets her live. He wants her to see how she’s made him feel.

    At best he might understand why she did what she did in Blood Money (ostensibly save his life) but I don’t think he’ll forgive so easily that she essentially took control away from him. If IO are seeking to make this a more personal journey for 47 we can count on there being some major trust issues going on between the two.

    I think this trailer sums up the new game well. This isn’t a client’s assignment. It’s an assignment of his own design.
    He will be on the defensive rather the offensive (if previews are to be believed he is the subject of a large scale manhunt).
    This sense of ‘being up against it’ combined with the theme of self-empowerment is embodied quite nicely within the title; for he who has sinned is always punished and has to atone for his sins for absolution to be made effective.

    Can’t wait.

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