Hollywood Is Making A Devil May Cry Movie

Continuing a "multimedia" promotional strategy that's seen such wonders as the latest Street Fighter movie, Capcom has asked Hollywood production company Screen Gems (part of Sony Pictures) to whip up a Devil May Cry feature film.

It'll be a live-action project, written by Kyle Ward, who has also penned the upcoming (and long in production hell) Kane & Lynch movie adaptation.

Those hoping this will feature the old Dante, sorry. The film will be based on the new Dante design for the upcoming series reboot/prequel, DmC.


    If they had kept the old dante,i honestly think this could work. As long as hollywood keeps the essentail core idea of devil may cry (dante is a cool half demon who kills demons and protects humans in a badass and stylish way) i think it could work. Its not like the series cannon is particularly deep anyway, ZOMG evil brother!

    ugh the new look isnt particularly good though. Its probally gonna be pretty crap.

    "Those hoping this will feature the old Dante, sorry. The film will be based on the new Dante design for the upcoming series reboot/prequel, DmC."

    So he'll be played by Robert Pattinson and it'll be marketed at teenage girls but with an actiony-edge to try and bring in the boyfriends as well?

    If they did that I may just cry too.

    Just in case Capcom hadn't sh*t on the Devil May Cry license enough...

    I was hoping that Capcom was going to cancel this horrific reboot.

    David O. Russell called, he says Devil May Cry should totally be about a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities...

    Make Sean Bean's hair white and I'd say he'd be the perfect dante look a like

    As much as I consider the character design overhaul to be a punch in the face to many, but honestly who liked the original one-liner Dante by the end of the DMC quadrilogy. It was quite revolting if you ask me. Hopefully if anything they attempt (not Japanese attempt please, if it was we'd be seeing one unlikable mofo...) to improve upon that 1 dimensional personality of his.

    But ughhhh old Dante would have suited a movie PERFECTLY! It's already deliberately over the top and dramatic, the movie wouldn't be serious, and it could make a great blend of horror and comedy. No one is expecting a successful serious Devil May Cry movie.

    With the briefest of first-glances at this article I saw "DmC movie" and "Lynch" and immediately imagined Kyle Maclachlan with white hair running around as a supernatural detective whose demonic heritage results in him flipping between reality and a creepy dream-realm that is populated by midgets and giants and lots and lots of red curtains.

    Then I read it and was dissappointed.

    This saddens me ... mostly because no matter how much what team ninja have done to screw with Dante I'd still watch the movie while clinging to that one last ray of hope that this could be an amazing success and then proper DMC movies could be made .. with dante as he rightfully should be, not some little emo twat burger

    Devil May Cry
    The Legend of Dante


    the movie should start based on DMC3 storyline and the movie needs to be something like Blade remember Blade who kills vampires so Dante will hunt demons in the film and I like to hear some techno and heavy metal music to spice up the movie.
    Thank You.

    I HAD ONE CONDITION AS LONG AS OLD DANTE APPEARS ILL BOTHER WATCHING IT this sucks i really looked up to capcom but its true they probably would put robert pattinson to do this i prefer old fashioned pizza eatin dante not this

    oh yeah and also hope they do put all those songs they put in the games during battle then i will go watch it there im done:)

    wow capcom you really screwed up.

    I mean yeah the movie wouldnt be a masterpiece but it was more for the cult fans now its new emo dante......

    I started losing hope for dmc when they made 4 i mean come on.. An i win button........ Press b and you grab the enemy and win yaaay. No seriously the good thing about dmc was dante could be a very challenging character to play as.....

    And anyone remember capcoms great game metal gear solid 2 yeah it was a fun game but wow jack was an annoying crybaby and ocelot having liquid snake in his arm seriously. Oh wait that reminds me of another whiney bitch named nero. Oh kyrie wah wah wah and here the kicker what was his arm about? Oh thats right another faggy arm rip off....seriously des capcom have no brains and they decide every game neads similar if not identical characters

    wow the new look is weird but it might just work but i hope they make it as good as good as all the scenes from the game that would be good i really hope they dont mess this movie up really hope soo

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