How Badly Do You Want The Last Story, Pandora's Tower And Xenoblade For Wii?

Bad enough to write Nintendo a letter? On actual paper? That's what some passionate North American Nintendo fans have resorted to, pleading with paper and ink for Nintendo of America to bring more Wii games stateside, including The Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Xenoblade.

Nintendo of America has not confirmed those games for release in this country, despite showing Xenoblade under a different name at E3 a few years back. And, hey, we even asked Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime about those missing titles, but he simply dodged it, saying there was "nothing to announce" about their localised release.

So maybe it's time to tell Nintendo that these three games may be worth bringing to North American Wiis, especially in light of the relatively short list of new Wii games coming from NoA. If you think that The Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Xenoblade deserve release outside of Japan and Europe, eager IGN forum goers have already prepared templates for you. All you have to do is let Nintendo know.

xenoblade, the last story, pandora's tower mail campaign for localization [IGN boards via Destructoid]


    Nintendo is really disappointing for localisations of games. No Tales, no Rune Factory. The Wii is a really bad console for JRPGs, you're better off with a PS3. I'd be surprised if the WiiU was any better, I imagine it'll still be region locked and have crap indy developer support like the 3DS.

    Unfortunately, unless these letter number in the hundreds of thousands, they may not see a reason to bother with releasing it.

    I say bring on the fan translation patches! Thanks to those I was finally able to enjoy Fatal Frame 4

    I start to wonder if Nintendo is getting the message that the region lock on their Wii and 3DS systems may hurt them in the long run... It sucks that there are many a good game that can't be sold here (or another country X) because it is too niche. And not being able to import and play the game because of a console's region lock makes it all the more worse.


    all nintendo are doing when they do this, is promoting piracy.

    You'd think they'd be smart enough to see that people are going to look at the way they support (or fail to support, as the case may be) the Wii and will consider that when they decide if they want to buy a Wii U. If they want to reconnect with "traditional" gamers, they should start now.

    Is Nintendo going to lose my business after 23 years? I have nothing to announce...

    Maybe there's a reason they aren't porting these games over. Does anyone know how well they sold or reviewed? Other than that it seems like they are just being lazy.

    I've played the fan translation of all three of these and loved them. I'd be willing to spend the cash on buying all 3 if they where released here but, sadly Nintendo has greatly lost almost all of my support. My Wii hasn't been touched in 2+ years, my DSi is barely used, I wont be buying a 3ds any time soon, and I don't plan on getting the Wii U at all. If they decide to support more games that are actually worth while like the tons of jrpgs, horror, adventure, puzzle, etc games then they may regain my support of their system.

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