How Big Are Life-Size Monster Hunter Monsters?

They're big! Yes, yes - we know Universal Studios and Capcom are teaming up to recreate Monster Hunter this August in the Osaka theme park. Here are some more details.

According to Capcom, the collaboration will produce 1:1 scale versions of monsters like the Rathalos Rare Species, the Silver Rathalos. It will be over 20m long!

More monsters, such as Jinouga, Doboruberuku, and Tigrex Subspecies are expected as well.

In game locations, such as the Spa House, will also add to the Mon Hun atmosphere.

Life Size Beasts from Monster Hunter Being Built in Japan [Capcom]


    I think thi5 i actually unreali5taclly 5ized compared to the game. You'd probably get 5weeped by that tail not be able to 5tand under it with plenty of room to 5pare.

    Will they have midgets dressed like cats in costumes that follow you around to carry all your crap? That's what ever amusement park is missing, right there.


      I hate spotting a typo in the same split instant that I'm clicking 'Submit'

    I wonder how long it'll take for some spastic to walk in, scream, then suddenly go all Shadow of the Colossus on Rathalos and jump up onto its back to plunge two forks into its neck?

    If it doesn't happen in the first week then I've got a flight to book.

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