How Long Can Nathan Drake Hold His Breath?

How Long Can Nathan Drake Hold His Breath?

In this bite-sized dose of Uncharted 3 gameplay from Sony’s E3 2011 press conference, Nathan Drake finds himself on the wrong end of a sinking ship. Hold your breath along with the video to see if you live or die!


  • Yeah, easy lol. It wasn’t for very long.

    That being said, this bit looks like it might be frustrating in-game. Not knowing where to go and having limited breath. Hopefully it’s clear, I reckon Uncharted could pull it off, it’s a damn good series.

  • Um, I don’t think Kotaku should be encouraging this. Many people die every year from trying to hold their breath – I’m being deadly serious.

    Many stupid people try to hyperventilate before holding their breath, which actually causes them to unknowingly allow build up of CO2 in their lungs, which floods their system and can kill you.

    This article should be taken down by Kotaku. You would be very stupid to play around with your oxygen supply.

    • if they are stupid enough to kill them selves then so be it. We need to thin out the herd anyway.

    • Stupid people will do stupid things regardless. Perhaps Kotaku should not mention caffeinated drinks like coke and pepsi, since caffeine can kill people with heart conditions. Or die from consuming too much liquid.

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