How To Rule Supreme At Gears Of War 3's Horde Mode

Here's a quick look at the upgrades coming to Gears of War 3's Horde mode 2.0. Narrated by COG dispatcher-turned-soldier, Anya Stroud, the video briefs you on the new features they'll find in the upgrades cooperative mode.


    Horde mode looks good, but it makes me wonder; why don't Epic (or other devs for that matter) put the Horde-type gameplay into the actual game?

    Instead of some sequenced event, why don't they make the next objective "hold this position until the dropship arrives!" And then have 10 minutes to hold it off like the Horde mode they're presenting here.

    I know the flavour of this generation is to provide a campaign experience that hides the fact to the player, that they're actually playing a game (immersion blah blah blah).

    But don't you think it sounds more fun to have a campaign broken up by different styles of gameplay we don't normally see in campaign modes, eg: capture the "flag", tower defense, BC2-style Rush modes, Horde modes, etc...

    This goes for COD and other fps games. Every campaign these days seems to be a giant SEARCH & DESTROY match against bots.

    Awesome!!!! Dam that looks really cool, I really can't wait now :)

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