I Guess It Was Bethesda's Turn To Get Hacked

Bethesda announced this morning that a group of hackers have grabbed data from some of their users, including "email addresses and/or passwords". If you frequent Bethesda's sites, like their forums or the Brink statistics site, change your password. [BethBlog]


    Douchebags... why don't they go hack Farmville or some other shithouse casual game, as opposed to my precious Skyrim creators place?!

      Because they can? Just because certain company assets aren't favourable to certain demographics doesn't makes them any more or any less of a target

    What the hell did Bethesda ever do to them except make awesome and addictive games?

    I believe the EPIC GAMES web sites and forums were also hacked.
    Not sure if they are related.

    Maybe I should read from back to front.

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