I'm Commander Shepard, And This Is My Favourite Armour Redesign On DeviantArt

With a follow up to his incredible Boba Fett creation, Theo Stylianides throws down a wild redesign of the Mass Effect leader Commander Shepard.

[Spoiler alert!] "Bionic leg and arm from his death experience, Saren's shoulder pad from the close encounter, some Geth eye pieces for a tally and even some collector heads and skin to remember them by." - Theo

Commander Shepard by Theo Stylianides/StTheo (CGHUB)

Need your daily fill of geek eye candy? If so, head over to Justin Page's Rampaged Reality and get your fix. Republished with permission.


    Looks very similar to the Boba Fett he did.

    Oh, so bad ass, I would pay many cash monies for this armour. Imagine slamming into some Blue Sun mofo's with the Vanguard charge attack in this armour.

    I can see that helmet really suiting Krogans...

    Great piece of artwork. I like the concept behind this, that it almost tells a story by itself.

    The idea that after every obstacle and enemy the protagonist comes out stronger exists in most media, especially games, however it is so rarely conveyed to the player visually. This really makes me want to see an RPG game where you get to cannabilise opponents items or body parts and add them to your own as trophies.

    Monster Hunter is the only game I can think of that really does this.

    Then there is the obvious question - how does one see out of that helmet? He must have a camera behind him so he can see himself in third person.

    Personally I never liked many of the helmets in the games, especially those that block out the faces of characters.

    Too busy.

    How do feet that small support that much mass?

    Surely it's unstable?

      I think we got it wrong. It's not Shepard, it's Princess Tinyfeet.

    It's cool, but its way too clunky and busy, and would clash with the rest of the designs of weapons and ships in the ME universe, which have a continued theme of curved shapes, and compared to this are pretty simple designs. If he scaled it back a little and reduced the complexity while preserving the overall shape, it'd work much better.

    That said, just looked at as a cool sci-fi design, it's pretty awesome.

      Yeah, this is what I was thinking also. Even the heaviest armours in ME were refined and elegant compared to this.

    Almost exactly the same as his previous "Hell Diver",



    You've got the helmet on backwards.

    Weapons are too directly referenced from modern weapons (G36C, FN FAMAS, FN P90, SERPA with Glock) and as one modern soldier put it, only psychos mark their belts with kill counts.

    I've always hated this mishmash of modern weapons to make pretend scifi guns.

      Can you post a picture of the gun should look like?

    of *what* the

    I really dig the helmet, and I wasn't a fan of the full face helmets in ME2 (except the normal N7 and the bobblehead style DLC one with a massive visor). The concept of a fully armoured combat helmet with cameras on the side away from the centre where the most fire would be directed is pretty damn cool.

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