Imagining The Medal Of Honor Of The Future

In between projects, and given the lackluster critical reception afforded to the last game in the series, creative agency Basic figured they'd take a swing at pitching a new Medal of Honor game. After all, it couldn't do much worse than the last one!

No doubt inspired by the likes of Modern Warfare and Ghost Recom, the pitch was called The Forefront, and was in effect suggesting that the next Medal of Honor game take place around twenty years in the future, albiet one in which gadgets and gizmos take a back seat to a realistic approach "that wasn't the typical fake/sci-fi look".

Now, Basic don't make games. They make ads. This is, essentially, like a fan saying, "Oh you should make the next one in the FUTURE!", only with pretty pictures and a demo reel. It was sent to both Splash Damage, the last game's developers, and Sony.

It's not a game being made, nor is it ever likely to be. But we figured it was pretty and interesting enough to take a look at regardless!


    Why do UIs of the future have meaningless stylistic circles curves and lines...

      Aesthetics. An interface can be straightforward and simple but if it's ugly and boring then people will hate it.

      I for one love the general concepts behind "futuristic" UI's. Hell, if I could find a decent shell replacement for Win7 that looks and acts just like the menu systems in Crysis 1, I'd be all over that shit.

    Let me guess. Russian ultranationalists.

    It's an interesting concept, I like the more realistic approach that looks at trends rather than wild speculation.

      Not quite, generic middle eastern terrorists secretly supported by Russian ultranationalists.

    Interesting concept. It could work in theory.

    Anyone else raise their eyebrows at "It was sent to both Splash Damage, the last game’s developers, and Sony"

    I'm pretty damn certain SD haven't made anything other than W:ET, ET:QW and Brink... Didn't DICE/Danger Close make MOH?

      True, Splash Damage is not the developer of the last Medal of Honor.
      So it was sent to a developer that doesn't develop the Medal of Honor series and a publisher that doesn't publish the Medal of Honor series.

    Why did they send it to Sony!!? I haven't played Medal of Honor yet - but from the videos I've seen maybe it could look a little less like COD

    People didn't hate Medal of Honor, they hated the Multiplayer that DICE made that copied COD.

    Splash Damage Did an excellent Job on the Singleplayer bringing to life a real event on our screens and DICE rushed through and slapped together the Multiplayer component that suffered from horrible hit detection just like Bad Company 2.

      The single player side of MoH was using a terrible engine, Unreal 2 or 3 I think it was and the graphics were terrible. This is the one thing that made the game (for me) terrible and wrong plus (extra bit here) the fact that it was basically two games, two game engines and two different styles also made it terrible.

    I thought Danger Close was making this, Splash Damage belongs to Bethesda.

    I imagine this as more of an operation flashpoint style game.
    Even the stylized menus lean to flashpoint.

    I think a futuristic war sim would be a great change from a market saturated with current situation mercenary style conflict and over the top futuristic space marines.

    sick of russians being the bad guys in war games.

    make it the chinese or something.

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