Infamous 2 Waits A Whole Two Weeks Before Hitting PSN

Infamous 2 Waits A Whole Two Weeks Before Hitting PSN

Two weeks after its release, Infamous 2 is already available as a full download over PlayStation Network, in what seems like a big ol’ middle-fanger to retail.

Seriously, a whole two weeks? That’s nice for impulse buyers, although, as a 15 GB download, I bet you could drive to the store, buy it, bring it home and do the disc installation in less time.

Microsoft has rolled out first-party exclusive to Xbox Live Games on Demand, of course, but the wait has usually been a bit longer than this. A few months at least. This isn’t the first time Sony’s done something like this; Warhawk comes to mind.

I am talking totally out of my arse, but maybe this went to PSN so quickly because Sony wants to restore normalcy to its sales in light of the monthlong PlayStation Store outage, which ended at the beginning of the month. It also helps that Infamous was one of the welcome-back freebies, so, if people enjoyed that, some may consider buying its sequel.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a 60 minute free trial forInfamous 2. After that, it’s full price, $US59.99.


  • Anything wrong with the game being released online at the same time as retail stores? I don’t recall Sony making an exclusivity deal with shops.

    I’m not sure the tone of this article is suitable.

      • Yeah. Owen are you a sales rep for EB, Gamestop or Game? Why is this news. Two weeks? It should have been day and date.
        Who gives a shut about brick ad mortar it’s about consumer choice. Poor article IMHO.

  • well, if sony decided to make all their game downloadable you wouldnt be able to go into your local EB, GAME, Gametraders, Big w etc etc to buy a game at a compettitive price, it will be a blanket monopoly of the games. in this case people have run out to buy it from stores and pre-order it, only for it to be thrown on the PSN anyway. obviously you dont go outside enough, also sony do make deals with store. but that being said, its only Infamous

    • Strangely enough, I can’t actually remember EVER going into my local EB, Game or GameTraders and buying a game at a competitive price.

      I have, however, seen plenty of games there with a full RRP price tag or, in the case of EB, I’ve seen platinum games (RRP $50-60) with full $100-120 price tags on them, along with a big, red “1/2 PRICE!” sticker.

      • Ive seen this done many times. EB is the AIDS of the gaming world. I haven’t bought from them in years.

        • No it’s not, you just don’t want to pay full price. And I’ve worked at EB, those platinums at $100 are mistakes. I’ve had to resticker them many-a-time. The system is vague on the descriptions of games, we’d often order platinum copies and recieve original ones and vice versa. It’s just stupidity, not corporate greed. If you actually went up to the counter you’d get it at half the platinum price.

  • Hmmm, might have to jump on my US account before the free PSN+ runs out and grab the full game trial while I can.

  • $59.99 US? So, given there’s no local publisher rights on the electronic copies that should be like $55 AUD, right?

    • Strangely enough it’s $79 on the Aus store (I know, try to contain your surprise).

      It’s currently $53 at so when I finally get around to buying it they will be my first port of call!

    • My guess is probably that it’s just not available on the local store… or if it is, it’s $99.99 just cos.

  • Also I’m quite sure it was available on release date. Hasn’t just popped up on psn since they started advertising it

  • Australia getting screwed again…how is it that US pay $60 and we pay $80 on an item that is downloaded over the web….there’s no transport charges or customs incurred….profiteering is what I call it.

  • for a split second I considered it… but once I saw that it was 60 bucks for a digital version I laughed and just switched on Netflix 😛

  • Its $77 at Gametraders Marion – Pretty damn cheap. plus if you download it what can you ever do with it/ Can sell/trade it later – or lend it to you friends??

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