Infinity Ward Teases Dedicated Servers For Modern Warfare 3

Earlier rumours had led us to believe that Infinity Ward would, once again, not be providing dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 3 on PC. But now, in an interview with Gamefront, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has confirmed that the team are "having conversations" about dedicated servers, in addition to other features designed for PC gamers.

"In Modern Warfare 3, I’ve been trying to reach out ot our PC guys," claimed Bowling. "We had some of the guys come out to the studio a few weeks ago. We have them here. We brought them here so they can see the stuff we’re showing off. We’re putting a lot of focus there, to make sure that our PC community has all the bells and whistles. So, the guys that have the powerhouse machines, that they can crank it up and enjoy the game."

He then made reference to dedicated servers specifically.

I can’t confirm anything yet, but right now we’re having conversations about dedicated servers, mod tools and post launch support.

And later in the interview...

But let’s not lose that dedicated core audience that wants the dedicated server experience. We’re looking at ways to incorporate that into Modern Warfare 3. We’ve been listening a lot to our PC guys who have been very vocal since Modern Warfare 2 about what they want to see come back to our versions of the franchise.

It sounds like Infinity Ward is, at the very least, providing lip service to the solid Call of Duty PC community. Hopefully they'll follow up on these issues and provide the tailored experience PC gamers desire.

Modern Warfare 3 “Looking to Support Dedicated Servers” says Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling [Game Front]


    Either show me a vid of it in action or I'll take it as "Oh we'll do it but it'll be extremely horrible quality" like Black Ops did.

    If it's announced as a feature of Elite, then the internet hate will be glorious!

    they said the same rubbish for mw2.

    it won't happen

    What about the rest of us? PS3 Players want dedicated servers just as badly! Try playing a match of black ops and the host migrates 3 times a match.

    If introduced this would at least fix the 'host with the most' issue that seems to plague all the CoD games on console so far.

      that didn't apply for Black Ops as i often get host i find i die almost intantly and can only dish out hitmarkers and nothing more. All the other series if you had bad net you lost any advantage it seems in black ops it's opposite, BAD NET = GOD MODE but then again treyarch are no good and black ops was a massive fail

    BF3 is winning this race by even more... Activision should just give up already...

      Noooo! Then Battlefield will become infested with COD players looking for something else to play.

        Who will quit soon after when they realize just how different the two games are.

    I swear I read the title as 'insanity ward.' Somethings wrong with me

    Still playing BF3

    i honestly don't see a problem with having dedicated servers, other than the anti piracy argument they are trying to convince people with. I thought it worked well on consoles (KZ2), and they'll sell a crap load regardless, so whats the problem with it?

    For me, its a sign of the pressure on Activision. PC gamers were chomping @ the bit for this one before MW2 and it didnt come (as Activision wanted to control 'the expirence' and by expirence they meant user access). EA puts the pressure on and we see this.

    Color me crazy, but with the departure of most of the IW team and things like this now, im not exactly hopeful on MW3.

      Scuse the double. But i also like how these things - ded servers, mod support, after launch support are things that are 'to be confirmed'.

      I think of Valve after and TF2 and am asking myself how these things are even being discussed as possibilities.

      By now - as we have seen with stuff like TF2 there should be no need to even think about these, let alone discuss. They are musts!

        When your making that much money though and your doing it for the sake of making money. and you have found a way to monetise stuff that should be free you can afford to piss off the smaller PC sector

    No dedicated servers, no purchase, it's that simple.

    Far too little too late for me. Black Ops was the last straw and i have no more interest in any call of duty games.

    Come back with proof of dedicated servers AND custom mod/map tools and I'll think about it IW.

    Its funny how Infinity Ward has to "tease" dedicated servers when everyone else is just like "its got them."

    Us PC guys should get what we want. Hell, call of duty started on PC and they have us to thank for the popularity of the franchise. Don't believe Bowling and his teasing about the PC dedicated server. He's being a puppet for Activision and they're just trying to pad their PC pre-sales.

    + 1 to ^

    PC MW3 pre-orders must be really low to none existant for dedicated servers ect to be even considered.

    Just goes to show how worried Activision must be about BF3 on PC.

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