Is Nintendo's Next Console Called The Beem?

We don't know the official name for Nintendo's next console yet, but consider "Beem" to be an unlikely candidate. Internet sleuths have been piecing together web registration details, and they thought, for a moment, that "Beem" is it.

The proof?

The same Australian company, Melbourne IT, that hosts the domain hosts the official Nintendo domains for and, according to our search of WhoIs, which tracks the ownership of websites. The Beem site doesn't load right now, and certainly doesn't direct to

But it's a good theory, right?

The problem is that Project Beem was the name attached to a submission to a Wii 2 mock-up contest run by IGN last month, a fact the super-gamers at NeoGAF have been sorting out. The person who submitted the Beem, 27-year-old Canberra-based Aaron Carr, has registered and

Our take on the name Beem? We're not buying it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in.

Top photo by Aaron Carr for IGN's mock-up contest


    That mockup looks like the PS2 and the Wii had a baby.

    I like it.

      I think it looks more like the NES and the Wii, but any who.



    Well their last consoles were called the "Gamecube" and the "Wii". It's not like "Beem" is any more stupid.

      Yeah but there's always a meaning in the name. Gamecube I'm guessing is fun in a cube and Wii is the togetherness that the console creates. "Beem" makes no sense from that point of view. Also I really doubt the console's going to look like that; none of their home consoles have looked remotely similar in the past and this one just looks too much like the Wii on its side.

        depends maybe they master holographic technology and the BEEM will BEEM it to your living room

    I thought it would have been the Nintendo Pu. Lololol get it!?

    is it just me or does this just look like a square ps3 haha

    Mikuru beam!

    Can't wait for the reveal. These rumors are worrying me. I wan't a real console not a bunch of high-def handhelds that are limited to the wifi area of my house which is the impression I'm getting so far.

    Please Nintendo, don't shit on me again.

    I like the modern take on the original NES

    erm. did anyone notice that the domain is under redemption, which means its going to be deleted and made available for public registration again.

    I dont think nintendo are likely to let a domain expire if it was the name of their next console.

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