Is Nintendo’s Next Console Called The Beem?

Is Nintendo’s Next Console Called The Beem?

We don’t know the official name for Nintendo’s next console yet, but consider “Beem” to be an unlikely candidate. Internet sleuths have been piecing together web registration details, and they thought, for a moment, that “Beem” is it.

The proof?

The same Australian company, Melbourne IT, that hosts the domain hosts the official Nintendo domains for and, according to our search of WhoIs, which tracks the ownership of websites. The Beem site doesn’t load right now, and certainly doesn’t direct to

But it’s a good theory, right?

The problem is that Project Beem was the name attached to a submission to a Wii 2 mock-up contest run by IGN last month, a fact the super-gamers at NeoGAF have been sorting out. The person who submitted the Beem, 27-year-old Canberra-based Aaron Carr, has registered and

Our take on the name Beem? We’re not buying it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in.

Top photo by Aaron Carr for IGN’s mock-up contest


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