Is Sony About To Release An Uncharted Bundle?

Is Sony About To Release An Uncharted Bundle?

This has to taken as rumour for now, but an EB employee has anonymously sent us a pic of what seems to be an Uncharted platinum bundle, featuring the first and second game, for $69.95.

This morning we simply received the above picture via email, taken from the EB in-store computer catalogue, but after calling EB directly we discovered that the bundle is being released on June 21 – pretty soon, considering we’ve heard absolutely nothing about the bundle to date.

According to the EB staff member we spoke to, Sony tend to bundle a lot of the platinum titles in one package, so it makes sense, with Uncharted 3 being released later this year, to release a double pack like this. If you own a PS3 and have yet to dive into the Uncharted series, this looks set to be as good a chance as any.

We asked Sony for comment, but have yet to hear anything official back.


  • I’ve been considering picking up the first Uncharted over the last couple of weeks. I wonder if I should trade in/sell my copy of Uncharted 2 in anticipation?

    • Not if it comes in the ugly platinum packaging… there is nothing i hate more than platinum/classics/essetials packaging.. it makes my collectors senses tingle… with horror

      • It’ll probably be more like the GOW Collection kind of packaging.

        If you don’t like it just wrap it in bown paper and if anybody asks tell them its porn. Do whatever you have to do to live with it, but you need those games.

  • I’ll buy if true. I love the Uncharted series and even though I’ve played and finished 1&2 I’ll buy them again because they are that good. Best PS3 games ever.

  • I willing to suggest that it will happen. Even though the US don’t speak for us in PAL land, they have recently announced that Resistance 1 & 2 will be released together in a dual pack in July, for the upcoming Resistance 3 in September…

    Going by that, it would be safe to assume that an Uncharted Dual pack to be released in September for the upcoming release of Uncharted 3 in November.

  • Maybe I should play Uncharted.
    For some reason it’s never really interested me enough to buy it. Maybe this pack would change that.

  • “If you own a PS3 and have yet to dive into the Uncharted series, this looks set to be as good a chance as any”

    Was that a direct comment at me? 😛

  • I’d be tempted by this bundle.
    Never played Uncharted and always thought I should get around to it.

  • I played the original Uncharted and didn’t like it. I found the combat terrible and it just ruined the game for me.

    A few friends of mine say I should give UC2 the benefit of the doubt and try it. Is the combat in it better than UC1?

  • I picked up Uncharted 1 at a Black Friday sale last year for $10, and the GOTY edition of Uncharted 2 for $30 earlier this year, both at Walmart.

    No idea why this is going to be so expensive.

  • Yeah this is way overpriced. Australians could get the games separately at JB HIFI $34 bucks for the last 6 months or something.

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